Monday, December 19, 2011


This is the time of year when families are upholding decades old traditions and working to create new ones. It doesn't matter what you celebrate (or don't) ... please share with us your December traditions: how they got started, why you continue them, and why they are special to you.

When Peter and I got married 5 years ago, we started a few small traditions for Christmas. We always deck the halls the day after Thanksgiving (after Black Friday shopping). We also have always made a yearly batch of marshmallow fudge! Another December tradition has been to get away for a couple nights as a couple over a weekend! December seems to be a perfect time for this as it is usually easy to get into places to stay!

With the addition of children in the family, we have started a few new traditions. Last year we packed 8 month old Malachi into his car seat, with a sippy cup of chocolate milk (kind of like hot chocolate) and drive around looking at Christmas lights. This year, we had both boys to pack up and take out to look at lights!

Another few Christmas traditions I started - The year we were "paper pregnant" I bought Malachi a book for Christmas that was somewhat pertinent to our journey of waiting for him and wrote him a special little note in the front. Last year, I bought him another book and Elias a book and wrote in them. This year, I bought books for all 3 of the kids that I felt were kind of fitting for where they are right now and am going to write in them. It is just a little something for them and a way for me to write and show them my love for them year after year!

Another thing we started last year was opening up Christmas jammies on Christmas Eve to wear to bed so that they have cute jammies to wear for Christmas morning pictures!

All of our "traditions" are quite young as we are still in the early stages of establishing our family!