Saturday, July 30, 2016

Our Life This Summer

Well the phone filled up again, so here are some summer randoms to share with the fans :)

Some cool new moves! 

Brother taking on Brother! 

Our chinchillas are still going strong at 9 years old! 

Malachi became a leader at TKD! 

No room in mom and dad's bed! 

My best helper! 

A great part of kids getting older - chores! 

In home smore's! 

Lots and lots of jelly making! 

Workout buddies! 

Toddler size fits! 

The kids love having Uncle Andy (and auntie Rachel) here! 

Lots of weekends of berry picking! Oregon Berry Season is the best! 

The kids had a really bad bug with strep and ear infections!

It resulted in poor Bina having to go the ER when her fever spiked to 106

Feeling better once they got that fever to break! 

Something so heart melting about watching them sleep (even if it IS in my bed)! 

Daddy/Son date night!

School time! 

We are thrilled to have  Chik-Fil-A in Oregon! 

Great Grandma came for a visit! 

Bina says "That's why God made parents" when I mixed up some cookie dough.

The garden has had plenty to harvest! 

Entertaining the girls during the numerous TKD classes can prove to be a challenge, but we try our best to stay calm and quiet!

Our little snuggle bug on a Saturday morning! 

Deer in downtown when we were out for a walk 

Big siblings were at camp so we had a whole week to enjoy little miss to ourselves in the evenings. 

Speaking of camp, sister was afraid but big brother was there to keep her safe!  

By the end of the week they all had a blast and they still are talking about the great time they had. Can't wait for next year! 

Best big brother's ever!

Fun was had at the library where they had tons and tons of legos to play with.