Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 in Review!

2008 has been a very great year for us and a lot of awesome things have happened in our marriage. There were numerous fun and huge life milestones we encountered this past year and it has been a year of many many memories.

In January we went on a Fair family vacation to Seaside for a couple of nights. We had a lot of fun playing with the girls and browsing through Seaside and also just relaxing for a couple of nights.

This brings us to April where things started to pick up for the year! Peter graduated from college! It was such a big milestone for us! Our entire dating and married relationship had focused around getting Peter through school and it was finally done and we could celebrate!

My husband, the (nerdy) accountant!
To celebrate the graduation milestone we took off to Jamaica for a week. This vacation was awesome. We had such a great time together and made many memories that we will never forget.

I think that this picture right here pretty much summarizes the highlight of my year. This was a picture taken at our private oceanside dinner in Jamaica. It was such a romantic experience!

The end of May we got our precious baby girl Juno. She has been such a great dog and we spoil her rotten! Juno is unique from other dogs because she has no hair and we wouldn't want her any other way!

In July for our 2nd Anniversary we returned to Disneyland. We had a very fun trip. All of Peter's family joined us for this short 3 day jam packed tripped and we experienced an earthquake Disney style that shut down the park for several hours.

I do not want to go without acknowledging one of the lesser known parts of our year. In September I found out I was going to be an aunt again and I was thrilled. A short time later, the baby was lost. We still acknowledge the precious little May baby that is not here.
In early September Peter started his career at KPMG. He is really enjoying it there and has his career off to a great start!

In October Peter went to Chicago for training with KPMG.

The view from the top of the Sear's Tower

The beginning of December we added a new baby to our family. Indy our chocolate miniature schnauzer. He is adorable and very awnry!
Our puppies celebrated their First Christmas, and we even had a white Christmas with record snow falls!

At the end of December our condo finally sold! We had a very long drawn out closing on it but it all finally went through and we said goodbye to condo living.

We moved into our new home with lots of room to grow!!!
2008 was a great year and we look forward to what 2009 holds for us. We already have lots of exciting hopes and plans for the year ahead. Happy New Year!!!!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

I want to wish all of our family and friends a very Merry Christmas! Ours has been great so far as we play with our Christmas presents this Christmas morning. I of course am still loving my early Christmas gift from Peter - Indy my 9 week old puppy! Peter is upstairs right now playing with his new lego set (yes I bought my husband lego's for Christmas). Our puppies are enjoying scattering their new Christmas toys around the house - things are very good today.

We are celebrating Christmas with a ton of snow still on the ground and I think that is awesome! We have had white Christmas Eve's before but never a white Christmas and there is a lot of it (I say this from an Oregonians perspective).

The only other thing I can hope for this Christmas is that our condo will close. I have not posted about it but the condo was supposed to close at the end of November and we are still working it all out right now. We are all hoping and praying that it all goes through before the new year hits. We absolutely love our new house - it is perfect for us! We are finally starting to get the last of our stuff put away - it has been hard to be motivated to put things away when at times in the past month, the condo sell has been up in the air. I will definitely post pictures of the new house as soon as it is officially our house!!!

Merry Christmas everyone and stay tuned for my year in review coming up in the next couple days!!!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Juno's baby brother

Juno became a big sister this week. Her baby brother's name is Indy and he is all of two pounds right now. He is a chocolate miniature schnauzer puppy who is currently biting my fingers as I type this - I guess he would like to say hi! We certainly feel like we have two children right now. We have the hyperactive toddler who doesn't know her own strength with the fragile baby. She is doing very well, but is a little jealous and can be a little rough with him at times.

We also have the tiny fragile baby who keeps us up all night crying and has to have constant supervision as to not get in any trouble. We are adjusting to life with two babies and know they will be best friends as soon as Indy puts on a little weight.