Monday, April 28, 2008


The day finally came and here is the proof! Graduation was a day full of lots of excitement and emotions on the accomplishment of the last four years! Words cannot even express how thrilled and proud I am of my husband :)

The Proud Grandparents

The Happy Parents

The ecstatic Couple :)

One Grown Up College Graduate

Always to remain my nerdy accountant :)

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

It's all over!!!

The day we've been waiting for has finally arrived.....................

In 50 minutes Peter will have officially completed his college education!!!

The past couple of days have shown a resemblance to so many semesters before - the last few days when you have to cram to get it all done! It is done though :) Peter has been spending several nights this week cramming all of his final projects in - he only had two classes left for this week and both finished today and both had HUGE final projects due today. He wrote his last paper yesterday, did his last presentation this afternoon and is now taking his last test of his college life :) He has turned in his campus keys and now just has to wait to get his diploma (which strangely comes in the mail. You go through all the tradition and wearing the stupid gowns and stupid hats and all the pictures for them to hand you a blank case!?!?!?)

Anyway, tonight we had our own little celebration (between classes). Peter bought me beautiful orange roses and surprised me with them when I got home :) I made a nice steak dinner tonight and we enjoyed our first real conversation with each other in days. Seriously, finals are not good for a marriage and I think you should not have to take them after getting married - it is not good for your health.

I guess Peter's work is throwing him a party tomorrow to celebrate - I think that is very nice of them to do.

This chapter of our lives is finally closing. This chapter has been our entire relationship. Ever since we started dating and talking about marriage we have worried and planned for school. We have spent the first two years of marriage stressing about school and planning our lives around school and it is weird to be here at the end and realize that there is no school tomorrow, or next week, or next month! We don't have to stress about if we have enough money saved up to make it through another semester or base our weekend schedule around which meeting Peter has with which group from school. This is a very new feeling :)

So one chapter down and we are on to the next chapter. Want to know what the next chapter is about???? Here's a glimpse - paying down debt, and Peter transitioning into career man :)

Friday, April 18, 2008

1 week and Peter is a bachelor

Okay so he won't really be a bachelor. Things are finally getting interesting around here and there is no way that I am going to miss it - but he will have a bachelor degree in a week :) Things will be busy for the next few weeks, but very exciting for us. We are going to spend this weekend getting a lot of the stuff done around here we need to do for graduation and our trip.

Peter completed a very big project this past weekend in his business capstone class. He had to start a business this past year and this Tuesday night they did presentations for spouses and parents about how the business did and what they learned from it. Peter's group was the second to last group and we didn't get home until pretty late, but it was still very worth it and I am sure that class will be one of the big milestones of his college education.

This week he has one in class final, two papers and one presentation to complete! Come Wednesday evening at 8:00 PM he will be "almost" free from the education system. I don't really think we'll feel "free" until all of the money we owe is paid back - technically we are still in bondage to them until that point.

Stat tuned in the next couple of weeks for lots of updates on graduation and Jamaica!!! I don't know how much updating we will do in Jamaica, but there is only so much relaxing and eating and swimming we can do right?!?!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

I'm Tired

It is great to be almost done with the week. I know that this is considered "hump day" for most people in the work force (including Peter) but for me this means that tomorrow is my Friday!!! I guess that is not entirely true, but it can be if I wish :) We have voluntary overtime on our day off and I try to go in for a few hours. I get to be lazy if I go in on my day off and I get to do some work on the computers - the only drawback is making myself get up early on Friday's when I know that I don't HAVE to get up!!!

Three more weeks until Jamaica - sorry, couldn't resist, I had to throw that one out there :)

We are still hashing out all of the details for graduation and the parties to follow. We are working with Champoeg Park to try to reserve a picnic site but I guess they don't take reservations until the end of May for picnics. We may just have to make a full day out of it then and get out there early to make sure we get the spot we want :)

We had a very nice weekend - Friday night we went to the Rascal Flatts and Taylor Swift concert. We had a very good time there and then we turned around on Saturday and went to the beach for the night after Peter finished up his VITA program. The beach was stormy - just how Peter likes the beach to be. I guess crashing waves in the background as you are trying to sleep is not enough for him - he needs howling wind, pounding rain and crashing waves. Sunday the weather was somewhat better - cold, but not raining (what more can you ask for on the Oregon Coast ...right???) We went to the Outlet Mall where we usually do not find much of any interest to us - but I was fortunate this trip and was able to pick up the last of the things I wanted/needed for Jamiaca. I have rampaged through numerous stores and malls trying to find some nice clothes and I hadn't had any luck until the beach!!!

Now we just need to finish the week. I have been without my wedding ring this week - that is the norm when I go in for my six month inspections - I always have loose diamonds (who would have guessed that Upholstery work is bad for rings?!?!?!) I finally get to go pick it up tomorrow. That will allow me one last trip to the mall to see if there are any last things that I can't live without for Jamaica. We don't have any extravagant plans for the weekend yet - but we always seem to find ways to kill the time!!!