Tuesday, January 29, 2008

18 months!

Today is our 18 month anniversary. I know that some people think it is stupid to be excited about a year and a half anniversary but I think every milestone in marriage should be celebrated. Since we did have to work all day today our "celebration" will consist of going out to a simpe dinner and maybe spending a little bit of time relaxing together.

We have finally been married just as long as we were engaged. It is nice to pass that stupid milestone. The 18 months of marriage have been superb and much better then the engagement phase! I have enjoyed every minute of being married (okay, almost every minute) and have never looked back or wanted anything else in my life.

Anyway, nothing great to report on this end. I got a raise yesterday - which is always nice :) Today I had my 3 year anniversary coffee at work and tonight we will celebrate 18 months of marriage!!! I guess that is a pretty good 2 days right there!!!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Pressing on!!!

Check out the ticker over there - 3 months left and Peter is free! Free from the bondage's of education at last! He will have a few weeks or months to enjoy life a bit before the business world swallows him whole! Although his "freedom" for the summer will consist of working and studying for the CPA exam so I guess that isn't any freedom at all -actually it sounds like the same thing he has been doing for the past 4 years. Oh well!!!

He has heard a little bit from KPMG this week. It sounds like his start date will be early October. That is a bit of a bummer but they want their employees to be well on the way of passing their CPA exam before starting there. Plus he has to attend a national orientation somewhere - we assume in New Jersey - so he really doesn't has a lot of control over start daters. We just have to pray that his current place of employment is willing to keep him around that long. At this point in time it appears that they want to keep him around until he goes to KPMG!

They also sent him some information on the CPA exam process this week. It is such a blessing that they are willing to pay for him to take the best CPA prep courses there are and also pay for the exam. Basically anytime he is ready to take a test he just needs to let them know and they will either provide him with a 6 week online course to study for that particular portion of the exam or he can take a 6 week in class course to prepare. It sounds like he will opt for the 6 week in classroom prep class. I think he will begin this daunting process as soon as we get back from Jamaica and try to get as far along in the CPA exam as he can before beginning at KPMG.

Still just looking to the future around here! We are living day to day and pushing through the different tasks asked of us and keeping our eyes focused ahead. It is getting exciting around here and the anticipation for April is mounting!!!

Saturday, January 19, 2008


This week has been yet another very busy. We are trying to get into the swing of things with being back in school. Peter is also very busy now with his VITA program. It is a program where George Fox accounting students do free taxes for senior citizens, students, and low-income families in the community. He is in charge of the program this year and so he will be spending all but two of his remaining Saturdays through tax season doing this.

Last weekend we went with my family to Seaside. It was a fun trip that mainly revolved around entertaining the niece's. Here are a few pics of the trip (mainly of the niece's).

The view from our room!
The girls were very excited and ready to go do something!

Strawberry Waffle's for breakfast!

Stop it Uncle Peter!!!

The carousel that they rode over and over again!

A man who really likes the seagulls.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Exciting plans!!!

As we begin the new and final semester of classes for Peter there is much more excitement to it then there has been in the past. This is it!!! This is what we have been working so hard for and going deeply into debt for!!! Peter is approaching then end of college and I can say that we are both thrilled!!!

Usually we both get a little depressed when Peter goes back to school. We see each other way less (I leave at 5 in the morning and Peter won't get home tonight until after 7:30). Peter has the stress of homework and trust me, there is going to be a LOT of it this semester since my insane husband has chosen to take another almost 30 credit semester!!! We lose the added income of Peter working full time on his breaks! But for some reason - none of this bothers us right now! We are so excited to be almost done!!! We knew when we got married we would have a very difficult two years ahead of us and it is nice to see the end of this phase. I can't say how much we have been blessed in the past two years, but it is nice to be on the end of this phase :)

So anyway, on with the babbling!!!! Peter and I have been talking for a very long time now about a vacation we were going to take as soon as he graduated to celebrate!!! We have thrown around a ton of ideas! Disneyland, a cruise, Hawaii, Cabo, a road trip. We had a really hard time deciding what we wanted to do - but we have made our decision! The plane tickets are booked, the reservations have been made, and now we just have to wait for the next 4 months to go by!

So............ do you wanna know where we are going :)

Doesn't it look great :) Needless to say we are thrilled and can't wait to leave!!! We will be staying at Sandal's Whitehouse Resort on the southern coast of Jamaica!!! We leave on April 30th!!! Hopefully time flies (and I know it will)!!!!