Tuesday, January 29, 2008

18 months!

Today is our 18 month anniversary. I know that some people think it is stupid to be excited about a year and a half anniversary but I think every milestone in marriage should be celebrated. Since we did have to work all day today our "celebration" will consist of going out to a simpe dinner and maybe spending a little bit of time relaxing together.

We have finally been married just as long as we were engaged. It is nice to pass that stupid milestone. The 18 months of marriage have been superb and much better then the engagement phase! I have enjoyed every minute of being married (okay, almost every minute) and have never looked back or wanted anything else in my life.

Anyway, nothing great to report on this end. I got a raise yesterday - which is always nice :) Today I had my 3 year anniversary coffee at work and tonight we will celebrate 18 months of marriage!!! I guess that is a pretty good 2 days right there!!!