Sunday, February 25, 2018

Disneyland by Sabrina

This blog post is courtesy of Sabrina and her time at Disneyland at 5 years old.

We left early in the morning, I was excited. The airplane was good. It was a short flight. I mostly played my ipad but then I started coloring when we were almost there. 


On our first day I thought it was going to be so much fun!

My very first roller coaster ever was Big Thunder Mountain. I thought it was fast and fun! It was LB's first roller coaster too. 

                                           Me and Malachi were playing around at lunch

This was a family fun picture 

My cousin was being funny in our picture. We were waiting for the water show. We might get wet. 

The water show was super pretty and we got wet. 


I got to hold baby groot

Space Mountain was super fun and it was super dark 

This was from a cars ride, it was super cute and funny 

Mission Breakout was my favorite ride, and it was super fast up and down. I was a little bit scared on it. I don't know why people put their hands up. It was super fun. 

This was a marshmallow and cake pop I got for Valentine's Day - yummy 

We got to take a picture with Dale

We got to go on the water ride and we got super wet 

We got to go meet TinkerBell. I don't know why but her house was a mess

We rode the Winnie the Pooh ride 

The Mickey Mouse show was super fun, because Mickey Mouse turned into Magical Mickey. It was fun! 

Oswald was super cute, I love him because he is the best!

The carousel was super fun, I loved it

We got to go do space mountain, it was super fun because I loved it

I was eating cotton candy, I ate the whole thing all by myself

I was being silly

We got to go see Minnie

Space Mountain was super fun

We got to go see Pluto, he's my favorite. I love him. 

Daddy and I rode the rocket ride, it was super fun because my daddy was with me. 

LB and me got to take a picture in front of the castle 

We got to see Eeyore, he's super sad 

We ate a big breakfast

We got to go see Doc Mcstuffin

Space Mountain was super fun, we rode it a lot, this is another picture of Space Mountain, that's weird. 

We got to go ride Alice in Wonderland

I was being funny with Eli's hat while we were eating breakfast without brothers. They were with Grandma. 

I got to go get a princess makeover

We got to meet the princesses


Disneyland was super fun! I hope everyone likes my story. 

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Eli's 7th Birthday

This week we had the privilege of celebrating Mr Eli's Birthday! It's so hard to believe how fast our kids are growing up and I know everyone says it but I really wish I could keep them small a little bit longer. The days of life are spinning way too fast! 

In addition to looking forward to his big day, we've also been keeping a very big secret for several months now that we couldn't wait to reveal!

It all started with a scavenger hunt

We're going to Disneyland!!!!

His actual birthday was also superbowl Sunday so we let him plan his fun day! For his Birthday breakfast he asked for something I've never made before but they turned out pretty good - pumpkin muffins.

After a trip to the toy store he was able to have whatever he wanted for lunch. Usually the kids pick nicer restaurants and there was some talk of going to someplace with clams but in the end, this kids decided that nothing would make him more happy than something we never buy - a Happy Meal! 

And then it was off to a place where he could play all the games his little heart desired. 

And then off to Uncle Aaron's house to play and watch the big game. We love celebrating with our kids and doing things they enjoy on their birthdays. This year Eli wanted an Army themed Birthday and I think he was one happy kid! But 7 years old?!?! Come on now! 

Mr E, you are such a fun kid! We have a wonderful time being your parents and it is so fun to watch you and all the things you enjoy. You are a very typical boy, you love to play baseball and watch all sports. You love fighting and swords and guns. You continue the personality you've always had, where you are super sweet and sensitive but stubborn as anything too.  It has been fun to watch you this year as you grow and develop and have learned to read and write reports and answer math questions in a flash. You've grown so much this past year! We look forward to going to Disneyland with you soon as we know you're a daredevil who loves it all! It's part of your namesake so of course you love the place as much as your mom and dad do! I am excited to watch you play baseball again here soon, I can't wait to see what all new interests and new things you learn this year ahead. We love you so much! Happy Birthday bud!