Monday, February 27, 2017

Whistler Vacation Part 1

We are just home from a fantastic vacation!  Peter snuck me off to Whistler for my birthday last year, and as often happens when we are away from the kids we instantly thought it would be a place the kids would love!  I think it took about a week after we came home before we had bought ski passes (they were on an amazing sale) and had booked a VRBO for the next year! So this has been a trip in the works for quite some time!

We woke the kids up at 5 in the morning to load into the car for the long drive. The kids were so excited! 

We got a good 3 hours of driving in before we needed to stop for breakfast and then the driving continued. The kids did a good job of napping along the way! 

And when they got bored with their kindles and movies and music, we  moved on to car card games.

Finally we had crossed into Canada and had lunch at the amazing fish shop that Peter took me to last year!  Yum! 

And back in the car for the last bit of driving! The kids really did do great but were so happy to be there! 

Finally Whistler was in sight! 

After a night of rest we were off on our first day of fun! 

The guys headed off for a fun form of sledding called baseboarding while us ladies had fun at the sledding hill with the kids! 

LB was quite the little daredevil baby! 

Goober girl was afraid to sled so she spent her time sliding the sled down the hill, then herself sliding down the hill to retrieve the sled and then doing it all over again.  She was having her own sort of fun though! 

Needless to say, that was enough to wear us all out for the day! 

In the evening we checked out the village and the kids had fun at the little snow castle! 

And we introduced the kids to a favorite -  poutine! 

And hours of games in the evenings.  

Fun memories were definitely being made! 

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Valentine's Day Recap

Valentine's Day remains one of my most favorite holidays.  I like the special opportunity to just focus on loving my family.  Of course, we should love all the time but it's just an extra opportunity. We made a conscious decision this year to focus on time with the kids instead of going out and we had a blast with the kids! 

I was also completely blown away with all the surprises and kind acts of love Peter poured out for me.  Of course I am not one to kiss and tell, but I was spoiled rotten and felt very loved! 

The kids spoiled me a bit with cards too!  They spent much of the day making cards for each other too, so sweet! 

We spoiled them a bit too! 

For dinner Malachi had a special Valentine's Kidstir for us!  He was very excited to get to make us such a special meal! 

Mommy handled the oven while brothers went off to swim lessons and sisters helped set the table all pretty! 

And the special dinner was all ready and it was very very tasty too! 

Along with his kidstir came a series of questions to ask during dinner and we had a lot of fun with the kids answering questions and sparking conversation! 

And dessert was absolutely amazing!  What a fun family day that I wouldn't trade for anything!  

Monday, February 13, 2017

Trying Something New

Last year for my birthday Peter took me on a wonderful trip to Whistler.  This was actually my first time ever even at a ski resort and getting to watch people ski. We didn't ski on that trip but watching others ski made me really want to try it, even if I thought it would be weird for me to try to learn at 30!

This led me to signing up for lessons this last month.  Peter is pretty good at skiing even though he hasn't done it in many years.  This was something I really wanted to try, but was also really nervous about giving it a shot.  

So began 3 days of trial and error. From being surprised at how easy the basics seemed, to a really bad second lesson where I was in over my head. To trying my hand at a run at the top of the mountain with some very supportive family that assured me I could do it, to someone taking my skis that I now have to deal with at the rental office.  

These lessons have certainly come with highs and lows.  I still feel nervous about it all but I also am discovering that I think it will be a lot of fun if I keep plugging along.  I have a lot of learning left to do but I look forward to more time spent on the slopes with Peter and maybe even with the kids someday! 

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Valentine's Survey

I found this little survey and thought it might be fun to share of my Valentine and I! 

Who asked who out? He eventually worked up the nerve on the school bus coming home from our high school graduation. He was trying to get me to tell him if I liked him and I wouldn't give him any clue until I knew how he felt. He finally said "well,I'm interested" and that still is written inside my wedding band today! 

Do you have any children together? 4

What about pets? 2 chinchillas, a cat and numerous foster puppies who come in and out of the house. 

Who said I love you first? He did, and we had discussed how we didn't need to feel any pressure to put heavy feelings on our relationship or be in a hurry for it to progress. Well, we fell in love  and knew we were meant to be together SUPER fast and within 2 weeks Peter had told me he loved me. I was a little more reserved but he actually told me quickly after, "I know you love me, I can tell."  And he was right! 

Who is the most sensitive? Me

Where do you eat out most as a couple? We rarely get out for dinner alone, but we have a few pubs we really like when we do.  In town, we like a local Pho restaurant. 

Who's older? Me, by 4 months

Who has the worst temper? Me 

Who is more social? We are both introverts, but probably me. 

Who is the neat freak? Again, me 

Who is the most stubborn? Oh gosh, we are both super stubborn 

Who wakes up earlier? Definitely Peter. He's a morning person, and I am.... not

Who's the funniest? I don't think either of us are considered "funny people" but we make each other laugh.

Where was your first date? Peter was supposed to be searching for a summer job, but instead we snuck out for lunch and a movie! 

Do you get flowers often? I almost always have flowers on my counter and I think he's super sweet for always doing this small but meaningful gesture, reminding me that he's thinking about me! It always puts a smile on my face! 

Who eats more? Me, he's terrible about skipping meals. 

Plans date nights? Most of the time we plan dates together, but special occasions he usually takes the lead. 

Who was interested first? Maybe me, but he acknowledged the interest first 

Who picks where you go to dinner? It's usually a group effort 

Who is the first one to admit when they're wrong? Him, he's really good about taking the first step to resolution! 

Who wears the pants in the relationship? He always gets the final say, but he's very good about allowing it to be a group effort most of the time. 

Who eats more sweets? I have a bad sweet tooth, but Peter is the one who is always looking for something sweet after dinner. 

Who cries more? Me

Married? 10 years and counting! 

More sarcastic? hmm, probably about even

Who makes the most mess? The kids! Does that count? 

Who has more tattoos? Him

Better singer? Neither one of us is very good, but we still belt it out in the car 

Hogs the remote? Him...I don't even know how to use it

Better driver? Him, but he's had a ticket and I haven't so

Spends the most? Me

Who initiated the first kiss?  Definitely him  

Did you go to the same school? For our senior year of high school, when we really got to know each other. Thank God! 

Where is the furthest you two have traveled? Ethiopia

Who does the laundry? Me

Who's better with the computer? Him

How long were you engaged? 18 very long months
Who drives when you are together? Him, I hate driving 

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Malachi Cooks!

One of my favorite parts of watching my kids get older, is learning about their interests.  One thing that has become apparent with Malachi is that he loves to help out in the kitchen.  Through that interest, he got a really fun Christmas present this year with a subscription to Kidstir. What makes this extra fun is it gives him and I some extra quality time in the kitchen together.  He still needs a little help as he goes along, but there are a lot of the steps that even at 6 years old he can complete on his own!  

His first box theme was soup, and we got to make croutons and bread and 3 different types of soup. Pizza Soup, Oodles of Noodles, and Brocolli Cheese! He was so proud of himself and everything turned out delicious! I hope he continues to have this interest in the kitchen and can keep making me yummy food!  

Monday, February 6, 2017

Eli's 6th Birthday

Amazing how 6 years can go so fast. It actually doesn't even seem possible.  But it has, and I am seeing more and more that my little boys are growing into real boys.  This month it was Eli's turn to turn 6 years old. 

We started his day with birthday donuts! 

He was very specific and detailed about what he wanted to happen for his birthday this year! 

My mom worked super hard to make this kids dreams of a castle cake come true! It was pretty darn impressive! 

And Eli was thrilled! 

He was also thrilled to have a pizza party! 

As I sat and watched him open his gifts it felt like he was growing up right before my eyes. 

And his adorable little smile he kept giving me while we sang happy birthday!  

We also had the privilege of taking him out for a fun day to celebrate the occasion! His first request - a dutch bros hot chocolate! 

And then off to the children's museum where he often times had the place to himself! 

And of course pizza for lunch!

And a fun trip to the toy store where he picked out some pirate toys 

And a quick stop for ice cream because this boy wanted to open up those toys 

But apparently we had a lot of fun because this happened on the way home 

Oh Eli, I don't even know what to say to you. You are one fun kid! I always find myself reminiscing back to the day of your birth.  How hard it was to see you so tiny and fragile and struggling to breathe. How there was nothing as your mommy I could do to make it all better.  I wanted to rescue you from all the cords and pokes but they were the miracle that were helping to keep you alive.  It's kind of funny how I just want to protect you and you've always wanted to protect others. For as long as I can remember you've been obsessed with knights and police, soldiers and super heroes. You've wanted to get rid of the bad guys and protect the world.  You're tough and stubborn and yet also our most sensitive kiddo. It's a good combination.  You are much loved by your mom and dad. You make us smile, you melt my heart, you are fun to watch be a kid!  You have a strong imagination and are athletic. You have lots of strengths sweet kid!  Keep  being the unique little guy you are! We love you and are proud of who you are!