Monday, February 6, 2017

Eli's 6th Birthday

Amazing how 6 years can go so fast. It actually doesn't even seem possible.  But it has, and I am seeing more and more that my little boys are growing into real boys.  This month it was Eli's turn to turn 6 years old. 

We started his day with birthday donuts! 

He was very specific and detailed about what he wanted to happen for his birthday this year! 

My mom worked super hard to make this kids dreams of a castle cake come true! It was pretty darn impressive! 

And Eli was thrilled! 

He was also thrilled to have a pizza party! 

As I sat and watched him open his gifts it felt like he was growing up right before my eyes. 

And his adorable little smile he kept giving me while we sang happy birthday!  

We also had the privilege of taking him out for a fun day to celebrate the occasion! His first request - a dutch bros hot chocolate! 

And then off to the children's museum where he often times had the place to himself! 

And of course pizza for lunch!

And a fun trip to the toy store where he picked out some pirate toys 

And a quick stop for ice cream because this boy wanted to open up those toys 

But apparently we had a lot of fun because this happened on the way home 

Oh Eli, I don't even know what to say to you. You are one fun kid! I always find myself reminiscing back to the day of your birth.  How hard it was to see you so tiny and fragile and struggling to breathe. How there was nothing as your mommy I could do to make it all better.  I wanted to rescue you from all the cords and pokes but they were the miracle that were helping to keep you alive.  It's kind of funny how I just want to protect you and you've always wanted to protect others. For as long as I can remember you've been obsessed with knights and police, soldiers and super heroes. You've wanted to get rid of the bad guys and protect the world.  You're tough and stubborn and yet also our most sensitive kiddo. It's a good combination.  You are much loved by your mom and dad. You make us smile, you melt my heart, you are fun to watch be a kid!  You have a strong imagination and are athletic. You have lots of strengths sweet kid!  Keep  being the unique little guy you are! We love you and are proud of who you are! 


S said...

Happy Birthday to Eli! Six years has gone by fast. :-)