Monday, January 30, 2017

Datebox 1 year Review

We've been enjoying Datebox for a whole year now, and I can truly say it has enriched our marriage. It has given us unique experiences to share at home after the kids go to bed. We'd never be able to dream up all these unique and fun date night ideas on our own and we look forward to opening each box we receive! 

Our November Datebox was a coffee roasting party.  I'm not a huge fan of coffee but we still had a blast making it all, especially thrilled to see Ethiopia represented in this coffee flight!  




And they're ready to test! I didn't partake but they smelled amazing and we had other taste testers including our kiddos who are now obsessed with coffee! 

We didn't do our December box until January because December was totally crazy, but it just gave us the opportunity to have two wonderful dates in January. This box was so much fun as we added a little bit of Italian to our lives. 

We got to try our hand at making pasta for the very first time

And ate a delicious dinner of chicken alfredo while listening to italian music and learning romantic phrases in Italian :) 

And for January we had a cocktail/mocktail party complete with another great playlist. 

This included stuff to learn how to play cribbage of which we never even got around to because we were too busy chatting and just enjoying each others company.  One of the best parts of Datebox is how it always starts up interesting conversations that we would never even think to have without their prompts. 

All that to say we both feel like Datebox has added a lot to our lives in this first year. I love how excited even Peter gets when he sees we have a new box and we look so forward to setting aside that time together one night a month once the kids are in bed. We often get to try something new together and start up interesting conversations that bring us closer together. 

As always, if you'd like to give Datebox a try, by using our referral link you can also receive $10 off your first box.