Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Lock me up, then push me out!!!

So I went to work this morning - same old, same old boring stuff. We were sitting there for our first break this morning at 8:15 this morning and we notice an armed security guard walk in. That is unusual, but we still don't think anything of it. We ask the guy why he is here and he said that the company was considering bringing on more security. We get back to work and by 9 our supervisor comes in and tells us that there was a message written on a stall in the mens bathroom in our building that said "I hate this place, I will be bringing a gun to work on February 26th and opening fire at lunchtime in the building 7 lunchroom. Building 7 is the building I work in. They informed us that the city police would be patrolling outside the building and that added armed security (our usual security do not carry guns) would be inside the building. We were welcome to leave if we felt uncomfortable at work. They told us to not leave the building and that if we did need to leave, to leave through one door in the building. All the doors would be locked at work except for one door and that door would have an armed guard by it. If we left the building, we were to sign out with our supervisor.

I felt pretty safe, knowing that it was probably just a dumb threat and that people who actually do things like this - do not advertise what they are planning. We continued through our day. We were a little bit nervous as lunch began to approach. Around a half hour before lunchtime more security began to arrive and our building manager was looking through everything. We have a first aid room right outside of the lunchroom and he was looking under the mattress and everything. He even checked the women's bathroom so I heard! Right before lunch our company President came racing through the building, almost like he was looking for something. I think he just wanted to check and make sure that there wasn't anything happening - but I gained a lot of respect for him today! When lunch approached there were a few policemen outside our lunchroom doors and a few inside our lunchroom. Our company President and one of the VP's came and sat in the lunchroom for lunch. It was a very nice gesture - almost to say that papa bear was looking out for us! Lunch went by pretty uneventfully!

We went on another break at 12:45 and we saw that our building manager had taken his laptop and was working from the lunchroom. It is very comforting knowing that our bosses truly care about us and were willing to make sure that everything was safe.

Around 2:30 we noticed people started darting for the door. We asked them what was going on and they said they were told to go home and that someone would be coming through and telling us the same. Just that time the building manager came in and told us that things had changed and that the situation had escalated and we needed to grab our things and go home. We were told to leave through one door and only that one door. They told us that if things have not been resolved by tomorrow that they will not let us come back to work.

I think they have a suspect and that they hopefully will have it all figured out and that we will feel "safe" tomorrow.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sick week!

It is nice to see a new week beginning!!! We had a very crazy and disorderly week this past week. Monday I went to work and had my normal "Monday Morning Feeling" as I call it. I always have an upset stomach when I go to work on Monday mornings, I think it is because I don't drink enough water on the weekends so my whole body gets messed up over the course of the weekend. Usually as I drink water at work and eat during breaks my stomach begins to feel better. That was not the case this past week. By my second break at 9:00 I was not able to eat anymore and I decided that if I did not feel better by lunch then I would go home. Everyone kept telling me "are you feeling okay? You look a little pale?" Now I hate how people say this. It is a way of telling me that I look like garbage!!!

So I was feeling worse by lunch. I knew it was time to go home because I knew I was going to be having some trouble. Peter was at home for the day (He had the holiday off work) and I joked with him how I was just desperate to get to spend the day with him so I did what I had to do. To make the story short and not so graphic - I got sick - I got really sick. And because of this I need to take a moment to pause here: I am not pregnant. I cannot tell you how many people have called me or asked me this past week if I am pregnant and I just want to clarify for curiosity's sake that I had the flu - not morning sickness.

I took Tuesday off of work too and I literally spent the whole day sleeping. I slept terrible Monday night. I can say with all of the aches and pains my back has had over the past couple of years, I have never experiences pain like I had Monday night! I couldn't take anything for the pain because I couldn't keep anything in my stomach. Peter was a real lifesaver that night. He got up at 2 with me and rubbed my back when I had tried so many things and nothing would relax my back. I was able to relax eventually and get some sleep.

This week has been a long week of recovery. Today is the first day that I feel 100% again. I am glad this week is in the past!!!

Tomorrow begins 4 tens for me at work!! We have been waiting for about a year to get to do this so it is very exciting. No more work on Friday's for me!!! (At least we hope, overtime will be on Friday's).

So that is it!!! School is still going, work is still going, we're still going. Not a lot to say, but the flu that seems to be hitting everyone has finally hit our house!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Finally, an update

Okay so I know it has been awhile since I have said anything on here and I am sorry :( I do not want to give a report if there is nothing even remotely entertaining to talk about. I feel like I am always repeating the same old things and that will be pretty much what I do now - with a few things worth noting.

As you can see - the preview for Indiana Jones 4 came out this week and I have to say - I have never been this excited for a movie before!!! I love Pirates of the Carribean and was very excited for all of those movies to come out and I get even more excited every time a Harrison Ford movie hits theatre's - but this is the ultimate Harrison Ford experience. So I have posted the trailer on my blog for your viewing pleasure, as well as mine.

I am working like crazy right now. 11 hour days all week this week and all week next week. I am okay with the overtime, I won't lie - we can definitely use the extra money. Monday is bonus day at work so I will be looking forward to going to work on Monday!!! Let's hope it's a good one :)

Peter is getting so close to done with school and we are getting very excited for it!!! He got some information this week on a starte date, and it is about where we anticipated it to be - first two weeks of October. He has dates for his orientation near the end of October too, but does not know where it will be taking place yet. He is getting some work prepared for taking the CPA exam starting this summer. Basically every Saturday from the end of May thru the end of December he will be taking classes to prepare for the exams. It will be all day (8-5) at Portland State University. He will be taking his first exam in July and is already getting very nervous about it - so if you would like to start praying for him now - I KNOW he would appreciate it!

We had a very sweet Valentine's Day. Peter knows me well enough to do things that I really really appreciate! I came home to a CLEAN house on Thursday, when that boy had the time to do it - I do not know. It was a breathe of fresh air for me! He also did the normal flowers and card which even though it is a typical Valentine's gift - I still love receiving them!!! He takes such good care of me and the gifts keep on coming from him. Yesterday he went and bought donuts and juice and wrote "Happy Day After v-day" on them. I love this boy more then anything!!!

So there is your update!!!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

school, blood, and lyrics

Not much to report over here so this should be short and sweet. Peter had three presentations this week so he has been quite busy with all of that. He actually had two that were one right after the other, but he remained calm, cool, and collected. I guess by your senior year things like presentations and tests shouldn't be that intimidating.

What else? My back is killing me. (That isn't really anything new, but it hurts) I did not want to get out bed this morning and was depressed that I needed too. But I made it work and I porbably helped save someone's life today - so not bad at all. We had a blood drive at work today and I usually try to participate in them, but my iron levels usually work against me. I have not had the best experiences giving blood in the past but I have to say, today was one of the easier times! I really did not anticipate that my iron levels would be high enough to donate because they usually aren't. I got in there, they pricked my finger and it didn't sink. Nothing surprising there. So they had to spin it. I was shocked to here that my iron level was 42 (it has to be 37 I think to donate and I am usually around 32) I guess eating healthy is paying off. So then they took my blood pressure and heart rate. She told me that my heart rate was too high to donate blood - it has to be under 100 beats per minute and I was at 106. (I guess I got a little excited about passing the iron test). So she had me sit there for a minute and take some slow breaths and came back and it was 96. So I was able to donate. (My blood pressure was iffy too). There are soem words that you do not want to here when a person is poking a needle into your flesh and I heard one of them today. "OOPS, I MISSED." A little background here - I have had them poke me three times before trying to get blood, I have had them need to twist the needle half way through because I wasn't bleeding enough (this in turn left a HUGE bruise on my arm) and last time they didn't position the needle correctly so I could feel the needle vibrating in my arm and I almost passed out. After all of these experiences, the last thing I wanted to hear were the words that this man uttered. He twisted the needle to get it in place and it didn't hurt and we were in business. I did my good deed for the day!!! It always makes me feel good to do it, because it is so simple (sure it hurts a little) but my little blood donation can save up to 3 people's lives - so I think that is a very good deed :)

We are going through a phase right now where it is very difficult to be content. We are so ready to be done with school, pay off debt, buy a bigger house, and have babies! There is a new song out right now and it really did speak to me about waiting and anticipating. Here are the lyrics:

She was starin out the window of their SUV
Complainin sayin I can't wait to turn 18
She said I'll make my own money
And I'll make my own rules
Momma put the car in park out there in front of the school
And she kissed her head, and said 'I was just like you'

You're gonna' miss this
You're gonna' want this back
You're gonna' wish these days
Hadn't gone by so fast
These are some good times
So take a good look around
You may not know it now
But you're gonna' miss this

Before she knows it she's a brand new bride
In her one bedroom apartment
And her daddy stops by
He tells her it's a nice place
She says, 'It'll do for now'
Starts talkin' about babies, and buyin a house
Daddy shakes his head
And says baby just slow down

Cuz' you're gonna' miss this
You're gonna' want this back
You're gonna' wish these days
Hadn't gone by so fast
These are some good times
So take a good look around
You may not know it now
But you're gonna' miss this

Five years later there's
a plumber Workin'
on the water heater
Dog's barkin', phone's ringin'
One kid's cryin' one kid's screamin'
And she keeps apologizin'
He says they don't bother me
I've got two babies of my own
One's thirty- six, one's twenty- three

Huh, it's hard to believe
But you're gonna' miss this
You're gonna' want this back
You're gonna' wish these days
Hadn't gone by so fast
These are some good times
So take a good look around
You may not know it now
But you're gonna' miss this
You're gonna' miss this

Monday, February 4, 2008


I have added our email to the sidebar on your right. We would love to know who of our families and friends are interested in what is going in our lives and we would love to hear from you. I know some people have mentioned to me that they have a problem posting comments so now you can send your comments directly to us!!!