Saturday, August 15, 2009

Happy 8th Birthday Jezzie!!!

Yes I know it has almost been a week since your birthday but it has only been 2 days since your party and so I don't feel too far behind! I cannot believe you are already 8 years old - I still remember the day you were born like it was just a few days ago! I was so excited to be an aunt and you were so precious! Your birth was complicated and we are all very fortunate that you (and your mommy) are here today! You are a miracle!!!

It stinks that I don't have any baby pictures of you to put on this post - you were a cutie and we have tons of pictures of you, but none on my computer :(

You grew up way to fast and I was very happy to get to spend a lot of time with you during your first couple years of life!

Before we knew it you were becoming a big sister! You loved your little sister Jillian very much!

You were such a happy baby and very easy to watch! You grew into a happy (and adorable) little girl way to quickly! You had a crazy obsession with care bears (but that was much better then your spongebob stage)!

Before we knew it you were already old enough to play soccer!

And already 5 years old!

Then in school:

6 years came and went:

7 Years:

You're growing up way to fast! You are turning into a pretty good softball player:

And a gorgeous girl!

Happy 8th Birthday Jezzie Marie - we love you very much!!!