Monday, October 13, 2008

Boring post alert!!!

Not a whole lot to report on the home front. Guess I am just posting to post. Peter leaves for orientation training on Sunday. He will be spending his week in chilly Chicago. He is enduring a small busy season at work right now and pulling in some long hours. My work has settled down a lot and we are FINALLY off of mandatory overtime. We are still busy selling stuff but have built up a large enough stock that we don't have to work quite as much.

Juno is healing very well from her surgery and will be able to get a bath very soon (stinky dog right now).

We went to the Oregon State football game this Saturday and it was a lot of fun to watch! I don't remember going to a game that we killed an opponent and it was none other then Peter's Cougs :) I finally converted him though and he is a full fledged OSU fan now. (Actually I think I have gotten to his whole family now!)

Things are very boring right now- which is completely fine to me, but I am sure it is very boring to read. I promise I will have good material again someday!

Friday, October 3, 2008

The Fruit Loop 2008

We returned to the fruit loop in Hood River for the 3rd year in a row. I think we visited 4 different farms this year and had a good time. The weather was cold, but dry! We visited a little earlier then normal this year so the farms were not completely set up for Halloween but we did visit over the Pear Festival Weekend and stocked up on Apples and Pears! Here are a few pictures of our fun!!!

You can see the Forrest fires around Mount Hood from this picture

The Funny Alpacas

Juno wanted to make it into the post for sympathy. Our little girl had surgery yesterday and is doing very well recovering, but is getting lots of extra loves from her parents!