Who We Are

Peter and Amy:  We are the ones who are responsible for all the crazy in our life!  We started dating on our grad night from high school and have gone full speed ahead since that day!  Engaged by 18, married at 20 while Peter still was in college and as soon as possible we started our family!  We never stop moving and live life at 100 miles an hour at all times it seems!  So welcome, and enjoy the ride with us :)

Malachi:  Malachi is the oldest of our crazy brood!  We adopted him from Ethiopia when he was 3 months old!  He's simply the sweetest kid you ever could meet and the perfect leader of our pack!  He has given us a passion for orphans and a passion for his home country of Ethiopia.  

Elias: 6 months after Malachi joined the family and 9 short months behind him, Elias was born into our family.  He is my little early bird who wanted to join the party a little early so we also got to experience the trauma of the NICU.  He's another awesome kid and we love our little "irish twins" and how they are best buddies! 

Sabrina:  Just when we thought life couldn't be any crazier, we found out we were expecting Sabrina.  Sabrina is the princess of the house and I make sure everyone treats her as such.  She's a girly girl but don't let her fool you because she can throw a punch or dig up worms with the best of them!

LB: LB is our second adopted child. We adopted her domestically when she was born. She completed a passion in our hearts to adopt again after Malachi came home.  She opened my eyes to a whole new world of adoption in our own country. I am forever grateful to her birth mother for giving her life.  She is one fierce, strong, tiny little girl!

We never know where life's adventures will take us next. We are always open to whatever and wherever God may call us next!  So stay tuned!