Tuesday, September 29, 2015

What We've Been Doing!

Well, it appears it has been awhile.  Well, let me use my camera phone to give you a little idea of what we've been up to!  

This girl, has been a wee bit marker happy:

We celebrated Malachi's 5th Gotcha Day at a local park with the family! 

And some Ethiopian food of course! 

Both boys are in the middle of soccer season! 

Taekwondo is going really great!  They are both Little Warrior Yellow Belts now.  Check out this incredible flying side kick!  

The kids were thrilled when the first sign of fall hit the air!  Our area has seen the hottest summer on record, so the fall air is a pleasant change! 

But the heat has made the garden very happy (well, half of it. Some of the veggies did not enjoy the heat so much).  We've given away a lot of veggies and still ended up with a freezer full of goodies.  So I wouldn't say my first year as a gardener was a total disaster, but I definitely learned a few things. 

Peter went out with all of my family bottom fishing in the ocean.  They all had a good time and brought home plenty of fish!

I made super yummy (and healthy) coconut flour and coconut oil rockfish!  Even the kids loved it!

These two just melt my heart! 

Lillybelle is growing very fast! She finally said Mama, and also Tickle Tickle Tickle.  She's taking steps and quickly entering toddlerhood. She also loves popsicles. 

With the return of fall, also comes football season!

Showing off those (wobbly) walking skills! 

Did I mention it is football season! 

We have 3 kids in Awana this year!  

These two cutie pies, I tell ya!

One of my favorite parts of fall:

We brought out a blast from the past of my childhood for the kids. They've loved playing with it. 

We've had a very good summer as a family and look forward to an eventful fall with some big changes coming up!