Tuesday, October 16, 2018

The Busy Life

It has been forever and a day since I had time to sit down and write on here. Mainly because life has been just too darn busy in this season of life. Today is the first time in a month that Peter has been home at a reasonable hour to spend some time with the family. He has only had 4 days off in the last month and has been pulling some super long hours at the office. Add on long commuting hours and it has been a really tough month.

On top of Peter's crazy schedule, we are also in the busiest time of year with the kids. LB is in preschool now, the big kids are about 1/3 of the way through their school year and the calendar is full of a wide array of activities - 3 kids playing soccer, piano, science classes, dance. It has been very hectic with not enough hours in the day to complete each task. I'm hopeful that with soccer ending soon that the schedule will calm down at least a little. The return of normal evenings and reasonable dinner times will be welcomed!

This phase of life can be really hard. It's hard when you're pulling very long days with kids who are with you 24/7. It's hard for Peter to be so busy at work that he has no idea what is happening at home and is lucky to walk in the door and kiss the kids goodnight before they go to bed.  It's hard to maintain a healthy marriage when you barely see each other and communication falls to the wayside because you're both just trying to keep a float with your tasks. I'd be lying to say this last month or so hasn't been difficult.

Fortunately the end of this hard season is here. It was wonderful to see Peter walk through the door early tonight and see the surprise and excitement on the kids faces! I count myself so blessed that my husband works as hard as he does for our family!  He took on a lot of responsibility this year with his new job and I've really seen him excel. It has presented challenges and stress along the way for both of us as he takes on more responsibility at work and I take on more responsibility at home. But we've always made a great team and this has been no different. I love that my husband still wants to be home with his family most of all. That when he has a great success at work, the first thing he wants to do is call me so we can celebrate the victory together! That in the midst of his own stress (that he hides well) he is more than willing to listen to me vent about my challenges.  We have always been a team and even with how difficult life has been lately, we're still a team above all else. 

So while the blog has been a bit silent, life keeps on flying by. These last few weeks have been so very challenging but good things are coming! We have a lot of really fun and exciting things on the horizon so stay tuned as we take a little bit of time to breath before we keep on keeping on!