Tuesday, July 31, 2018

LB Turns 4!

Our little princess turned 4 years old..... already! I do not even know how it is possible that she's 4, I swear she was just a little baby. But she's 4 and just as ready as all the other kids were to grow bigger and start school and all that fun stuff the "big kids" get to do!

This weekend was as chaotic as ever with us rushing around in all different directions but we definitely wanted to celebrate this girl as she deserved. She requested Mickey shaped pancakes for her birthday breakfast. 

Then we were off to the local parade. She was quite thrilled to have a parade in her honor!

After the parade we were on our way to really get to celebrate this girl. No birthday fun day is complete without a stop at Dutch Bro.

It was all about the food and treats for this girl, she wanted pizza and chik fil a. Who are we to refuse her demands. So Pizza was up first for lunch.

And then a really fun afternoon at the splash pad, she loved it and had so much fun. We kind of had to drag her off to the next destination because mom and dad were frying in the heat while she played! 

But it was easy enough to convince her to make an ice cream stop!

On the way to Chik Fil A for dinner, baby girl fell asleep in the car. We knew she was completely exhausted after an already busy day. So we got the food to go and when she woke up she indulged on the way to church.

After church, we had a little bit more excitement for our girl waiting in the backyard. She's been begging for a scooter. 

And then a couple days later was her birthday party day, after a stop at the pediatrician to check on her growth. She's doing awesome and growing in her own way. She actually increased her weigh from the 5% to 15% this year and is 68% for height. The doctor was thrilled with her growth and even said how wonderful it was that her BMI was on the charts (even if it's only 1%).  She's just a lean little girl but nice to see a jump in the last year for sure! Look how big she looks sitting up there this year! How did this happen!?!?

And after a little bit of sadness with those darn vaccines, it was home to prepare for her big party! My mom did an awesome job with the cake, it's really special that she always makes the kids cakes. 

And clearly the birthday girl was thrilled. She's been asking for months when her birthday would arrive and it was finally her turn! 

Oh precious baby girl! How happy you make me. You are beautiful inside and out. You are full of fire and personality and I just know those are going to be used for awesome things in the future. You are a true blessing to this mama! I love that you like to make others laugh, that's a trait from your birth mother that I loved and it is so fun to see you naturally have that sense of humor. You test boundaries and are a challenge, but that's okay. I hope that means you will always be your own unique person who doesn't conform to others. I love how snuggly and cuddly you are! I love that you express yourself and your feelings.  I look forward to this next year with you, as you start preschool soon and learn all sorts of new things. As you continue to dance and delight in ballet. You are a wonderful blessing! Keep being perfect little you! 

Friday, July 27, 2018

Chapter 12

Chapter 11 closes in the archives of our marriage, and we start the writing on the pages of Chapter 12.  I've spent a lot of time reflecting. Several chapters now written behind in what feels like a flash. The perspective on the past chapters shifts and changes with time. The challenges we've faced don't feel quite as big through the lens of history. The happy moments taking a more prominent role in the memory bank. Our love has evolved and changed since Chapter 1 first began.  Passion and desire remain, But even better, our love is stronger, deeply rooted, maybe a bit softer around the edges than was there at the beginning. There's security and comfort. Not comfort that is a crutch, but comfort that allows our love to be vulnerable and true. 

Chapter 11 now written and part of history. It was a good chapter. Countless blessings poured out into our marriage and life. Continued renewal of our relationship. Love that could still grow deeper when it didn't seem like it could grow anymore. There were hard parts, moments of grief still hard to speak about.  Patience, Waiting, Victories, Defeats. Children, OUR children growing right before our eyes. Laughter and fun as a family. Challenging, exhausting moments where our imperfections shine. Savoring moments of peace and quiet together. Discovering that just being together in the quiet is far better than turning on the tv to kill the evening hours. Honesty, forgiveness. Growing and changing.

The start of Chapter 12. Feels so far from the beginning of the book. Yet, someday these pages will still form the beginning. Some say we are in the best days of our lives right now and I'd believe that, because it feels pretty sweet from where I stand. Our story is still in its youth. Thousands more pages and memories to be written. We get to share and create these memories together! Hopes, dreams, desires in the balance, what will come to fruition in Chapter 12? Somehow, when we think our love can't grow anymore, knowing that it will. Our book is a gift, no matter what has been written in the past, no matter what will be written ahead. We step forward into this new chapter hand in hand, ready to experience all it has!

Monday, July 23, 2018

Peter's Birthday

Peter is kind of the unsung hero in our home, so any moment I have to make him feel special for the man he is, I want to take that opportunity.  He's pretty easy to please and really doesn't like to be doted on but I wanted to make sure he had a day to do the things he likes to do for his birthday. So we went with some hiking, five guys burger, maybe a quick afternoon nap, his favorite desserts and some family bocce ball to end the evening. He's also a guy of few words so for him to say it was a great day, it must have been, and for that I am glad! 

We've definitely created a pretty wonderful and simple life. I am so grateful for the man that my husband is and that I get to be a part of his life. He is such a hard worker, never complains, wonderful present dad with the kids, and a caring and loving husband. He is the whole package! I love you Peter and love getting to celebrate you! 

Monday, July 16, 2018

Foster Pups #61 to #65

The foster pups feel like they come a bit slower than they did the first year or so, but that's okay because life is busy and the ones we've been getting have been some pretty great pups! So get ready for some cuteness overload!

1st up we have Mr Pluto, who was special enough to get to stay a part of the Keyser crew as my brother and sister in law kept him! He was probably one of the sickest pups we ever had, it is not uncommon for a pup to show up with some tummy troubles (the not so fun part of fostering) but his took a turn really fast and he became a very very sick little pup who needed some urgent medical care. Fortunately a couple days at the vet and he was good to go to his new family! But he certainly adored all the kids before he got sick.

Next up was my first experience with a heeler. I am surprised with how many of these guys the rescue had that I had never fostered one before but she sure was a very very sweet little girl!

She had never been away from her litter before and wasn't easy to settle but between the kids and a stuffed toy we made due.

And another girl that was a pretty pup but not one we photographed much, mainly because she was just too darn busy. 

And then my first schnauzer mix. If you know anything about me, you know I love myself a schnauzer so the fact that this one didn't end up staying is nothing short of a miracle. But I sure did enjoy her for a week! 

Only the really special pups even get to touch the bed, but don't worry, all our foster do end up sleeping in the kennel to build some good habits ;) But it is also quite the sign of our affection for this pup in that Peter LET her stay on the bed for any amount of time!

And then there was Pineapple, oh sweet little Pineapple. Another pup we are quite fond of is the chihuahuas and this one was a special one. So tiny and cute! Again, nothing short of a miracle that we took her back, because I didn't want to! I mean, her most favorite place to snuggle was right under you neck and she was so tiny she fit right there on your shoulder too!  We were lucky she was a very short term 3 day foster because if she had spent much more time at all with us, it probably would have destroyed my heart to even try and send her back.

All that to say, we are 65 foster pups in, and we haven't kept one yet!  It has been fun and I'm always eager for the next email or message letting me know some more pups are on the way!