Tuesday, July 31, 2018

LB Turns 4!

Our little princess turned 4 years old..... already! I do not even know how it is possible that she's 4, I swear she was just a little baby. But she's 4 and just as ready as all the other kids were to grow bigger and start school and all that fun stuff the "big kids" get to do!

This weekend was as chaotic as ever with us rushing around in all different directions but we definitely wanted to celebrate this girl as she deserved. She requested Mickey shaped pancakes for her birthday breakfast. 

Then we were off to the local parade. She was quite thrilled to have a parade in her honor!

After the parade we were on our way to really get to celebrate this girl. No birthday fun day is complete without a stop at Dutch Bro.

It was all about the food and treats for this girl, she wanted pizza and chik fil a. Who are we to refuse her demands. So Pizza was up first for lunch.

And then a really fun afternoon at the splash pad, she loved it and had so much fun. We kind of had to drag her off to the next destination because mom and dad were frying in the heat while she played! 

But it was easy enough to convince her to make an ice cream stop!

On the way to Chik Fil A for dinner, baby girl fell asleep in the car. We knew she was completely exhausted after an already busy day. So we got the food to go and when she woke up she indulged on the way to church.

After church, we had a little bit more excitement for our girl waiting in the backyard. She's been begging for a scooter. 

And then a couple days later was her birthday party day, after a stop at the pediatrician to check on her growth. She's doing awesome and growing in her own way. She actually increased her weigh from the 5% to 15% this year and is 68% for height. The doctor was thrilled with her growth and even said how wonderful it was that her BMI was on the charts (even if it's only 1%).  She's just a lean little girl but nice to see a jump in the last year for sure! Look how big she looks sitting up there this year! How did this happen!?!?

And after a little bit of sadness with those darn vaccines, it was home to prepare for her big party! My mom did an awesome job with the cake, it's really special that she always makes the kids cakes. 

And clearly the birthday girl was thrilled. She's been asking for months when her birthday would arrive and it was finally her turn! 

Oh precious baby girl! How happy you make me. You are beautiful inside and out. You are full of fire and personality and I just know those are going to be used for awesome things in the future. You are a true blessing to this mama! I love that you like to make others laugh, that's a trait from your birth mother that I loved and it is so fun to see you naturally have that sense of humor. You test boundaries and are a challenge, but that's okay. I hope that means you will always be your own unique person who doesn't conform to others. I love how snuggly and cuddly you are! I love that you express yourself and your feelings.  I look forward to this next year with you, as you start preschool soon and learn all sorts of new things. As you continue to dance and delight in ballet. You are a wonderful blessing! Keep being perfect little you!