Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The Way I Will Always See You

There's something pretty amazing about having daughters.  Yes, boys are equally incredible and a mama loves them in a special and unique way too.  But today, I'm referring to the way I look at my (oldest) daughter.  It hit me like a ton of bricks last night as I was watching you giggle with excitement as you got ready for bed.  I looked at you and I realized how much I wish I could just bottle you up the way you are in this moment. How I wish you would never grow and change, and I knew that before long you're going to grow up on me.  You'll start making friends and then boyfriends. You'll be driving, then going to college and then someday I will watch as you walk down the aisle into a new phase of life. For some crazy reason, the thought of you growing anymore just about split me in two.  And in that very moment, I also had this clear sense that even as you grow up and change, I'm still always going to remember you as this little 2 year old giggling girl!

The way you sing "Let It Go" in your bed at night (and sometimes over my singing and rocking you to sleep).
The way that as we're getting you dressed for bed you whisper "Can I run around?" because for some reason there is nothing better than running the halls at night completely naked before getting your jammies on.
It's the way you giggle and try to ask me to stop tickling you, but then seconds later you've got that little grin on your face as you climb back into my lap begging me to tickle you again. 
It's the way that everything in your bed has to be just so-so before I can tuck you in. How you must have your bubble blanket, your pillow, a sippy cup, a book, your white poodle, and your pink poodle. And the door must be cracked just the perfect distance - not to closed but also not too open.  
It's the way we must sing "You are My Sunshine" every single night as I rock you before bed.
It's the way you love shoes and the color pink and all things sparkly. 

I just don't know how I will ever see beyond the beauty of today. You're my little girl and you will always be my little girl. I know there are so many more wonderful memories we will make in life together and I do look forward to them.  But there's just nothing I would change about the way I see you right now and sweetie you better just be prepared, because in my eyes you will always be this precious 2 year old little girl!