Tuesday, December 6, 2016

A Family Weekend Away!

I had told the kids I had a big surprise for them once we finished our last day of school before Christmas break (yes, we are officially halfway through the year and taking a month off - yay!)

And thus began the drive to our most favorite place in Oregon! 

A quick stop once we were in the mountains to run and touch the snow! 

Us girls quickly retreated back to the car while the boys played for a few minutes 

Then we literally saw a miracle cross before our eyes as we loaded back up to get on the main road again.  a car was sliding right for us. Peter and I were both bracing for impact but somehow at the very last second with hardly an inch to spare, the car turned and somehow missed us.  It doesn't make sense so we're calling it a miracle. 

But we finally arrived safe and sound at Eagle Crest.  After going out for pizza we drove around and enjoyed all the lights the resort puts up. 

It was a weekend full of eating all my mom's yummy cooking, watching movies, swimming, and playing games.  

This part of Oregon is seriously my favorite. I love that it experiences all 4 seasons. I love the mountains all around. If it were possible for Peter to find work there, I would love it but for the time being we will just be happy tourists to the area. 

And then a trek back through the snow.  It sure was pretty! 

Until next time Eagle Crest, maybe next time we can stay longer! 

Friday, December 2, 2016

9 Month Date Box Review

We are still "going steady" with Datebox  over here and having a great time on our at home date nights. We've done a few reviews in the past and wanted to update on how it is still going. 

In September we had an 80's date night with a very fun spotify playlist. We made homemade candies and reminisced about moments in the 80's, some we knew about some we didn't. They also had a list of fun 80's movies we could watch on Netflix. 

In August we had a date night where we made and decorated heart cookies and made three varieties of teas. 

October was very fun with caramel apples, apple cider, caramel corn and an at home escape room. We had a really great time with this fall themed kit! 

We are still really enjoying all of these date boxes and the time we get together to partake in them.  We always end up having great conversation and a fun time trying something new together. Not only do they make awesome date nights but they could also make great gifts this Christmas season. If you're interested in signing up, you can get $10 off your first box by signing up with this Referral Link!

Monday, November 28, 2016

Life This Fall

Fall is quickly turning to Winter and it was time for another phone dump, so here we go with randoms of life this fall!

Donuts are always a good idea! 

Every once and awhile I can get a good day of cleaning out of the kids!

Snuck out of the house one day to return a puppy and see my hubby for a quick lunch. Shh, don't tell the kids! 

I've made a tradition of celebrating the kids half birthdays. Peter and the kids surprised me with a half birthday celebration of their own! 

We've had some amazing sunsets this fall! 

I've spent a lot of time at speech therapy

Daddy got to work from home one morning with his girls while I took Malachi to speech.

Someone was passed out on the couch one morning when I came down. 

The girls have been growing out their goatees. 

We took the kids to a fun time at Oregon Dog Rescue!

We've had a lot of loose teeth

And adorable notes 

And some not so cute, but equally entertaining

And some poor sick kiddos having to go to the doctor. Gotta love this time of the year....

I asked him how many inches are in a foot

We've attended some local football games, with a beautiful moon

We celebrated Malachi's 6 1/2 Birthday

And had a crazy rainy year so far! 

The princess had her 4 1/2 birthday too! 

The kids certainly enjoyed themselves

We happened across some old home movies. Holy emotions batman! 

Malachi made us some rules for our trip:

The kids took a trip to the dentist 

LB loves to play hair shop with Daddy

Not sure what was happening here 

Someone is certainly our little night owl, and likes to keep us awake too! 

The boys wanted to rake the numerous leaves that fill the sports court. They eventually decided it wasn't as much fun as they were thinking it would be. 

Daddy and LB love their hair time

Malachi asked Daddy to dress handsome with him one weekend

Tea parties 

and trains 

World Adoption Day 

We've been doing some fun science projects, including trying to drop eggs in a cushioned space craft 

Malachi always asks me if we can go to lunch after speech, so we went on a quick lunch with the king one day! 

The kids (and Daddy) built a siege tower for history one day

Another tooth gone, that he woke us up in the middle of the night because he found the thing on his tongue at 3AM.

We escaped to test out new furniture options 

I have a great friend who is amazing at doing LB's hair 

And then we snuck out for a "girl's night"! 

My donut loving girl was impressed! 

And we got new furniture and tested it out with a family movie night! 

We've had a really great but of course always busy fall. Looking forward to the good times continuing this winter!