Thursday, March 22, 2018

Spring Phone Dump!

Here's some of the memories of life these last couple of months that hadn't made the blog yet. 

We have been loving the kids cooking boxes as you will see several pictures as we go along. Eli made us a really great Valentine's Meal after we got home from Disneyland! 

Sabrina started swim lessons and is doing awesome. She's already moving on to level 2. The boys are doing really great too, I think Malachi is close to moving on to level 4. 

We didn't get much snow this year, but the little bit we did get, I knew would melt fast so we got the kids outside bright and early. Sorry neighbors! 

Acts so much like his daddy!

This was a sweet moment I captured, most school moments don't  look quite this nice but in this second he was helping little sis work on her math. 

We had the awesome opportunity to once again go up to Seattle for the Refresh adoption conference. It is information overload, but also a great time to enjoy away together without the kids. This was the massive burger that Peter got, I've never heard of deep fried bacon before, but this thing had it all!

We were super blessed by a No Way gift! 

Nothing sweeter than being around so many other like minded people who are trying to do our best!

They fight a lot, but sometimes I capture sweet moments of them together

Another sweet moment ;) 

And more of our yummy cooking boxes, this was from our Spain box 

Miss LB has been bugging us for months, saying that she wanted to do ballet, it was finally her turn! 


Sabrina finally was ready to get those training wheels off!


We had a rare, really warm day for this time of year so we had to take advantage of it and bring out the smores!

And yet another cooking box, this time Irish food for St Patrick's Day

The car is usually a place of drama, but I gotta take a picture when they're being so darn adorable back there! 

Experimenting with new hair styles, one day I will get the hang of it all!

They have an obsession with sleeping in our room, but I kind of don't mind it

We make the  most of the time we have, this evening we were celebrating 13 years since our engagement. Gotta celebrate it all when we can! 

In January we celebrated the 100th day of school, fortunately we can see the end in sight from where we are now!

I've been trying to experiment a bit more in the kitchen, this is one of my best inventions - gnocchi, cheese sauce, peas and bacon! 

Visiting the great grandparents. As we lost another one of the great grandparents last month I acknowledge more than ever how valuable these moments are! 

More hair experiments, this time with beads. Daddy is better at the braiding than I am. I will stick with the two strand twists! 

This little love turned 3 1/2 in January. She asked to wear my flower girl dress from when I was about her age. 

Homemade Milkshakes

We are also still going strong with the Date boxes, it's hard to get out of the house so they remain perfect for this phase of life. 

Science Experiments

And last but not least, the night we celebrated Peter's new job offer! I finally learned how to make a really yummy steak! 

It has been a blend of really high moments these first 3 months of this year and some really hard and low moments too. As we continue to process and handle the changes happening in our lives my motto is simplify, simplify, simplify. I look forward to the end of the school year approaching in May, and the kids continuing on with all their activities - swimming, ballet, gymnastics, baseball starting in the next week or so. I just want to focus on these 4 beautiful little ones I have been blessed with and enjoy as much family time as we can! Summer is coming.....

Monday, March 19, 2018

Celebrating at the Beach

This past weekend we had a rare but special treat opportunity to get away for the weekend kid free! I love any chance we can get to be alone and enjoy some peace and quiet together. Just the opportunity of a car ride without kids yelling and screaming in the background seemed like a treat! 

This weekend was extra special because we were celebrating a new career move for Peter! I'm super proud of my guy and this new position feels like it is a really great step forward in his career. It does come with some trade offs. His new job is going to vastly increase his commute time and also require longer hours on his part, but it felt like the right time to make this move and I know I can carry more of the burden on the home front to allow him the space and time to build his career. It will definitely be a time of transition for our family as we adjust but I know Peter will still do an amazing job of balancing work life and home life. But it was extra special to get this time away and focus on us and and communicate and discuss our plans as he takes on this new role! 

We stayed at a really wonderful hotel with a gorgeous view and rooms! 

And enjoyed our time to eat and stroll town and talk in peace :) 

It is rare to have such amazing weather on the coast this time of year, but the sunset our first night was truly jaw dropping!  

My favorite form of relaxation! 

The next morning we wandered town to find some yummy crepes!

And another yummy lunch!

Look who we found! It just so happened that our favorite family photographer was visiting and would also be at the beach so family pictures were in order. It was a wee bit cold but the rain held off for us! It was also nice to see the babies for a little bit and then drive back off to our blissful hotel room!

Our weekend was wonderful, as any time we get to be together is! I love this guy so much and I appreciate how hard he works for his family. I am proud to see his hard work rewarded and I am really excited to see where this next step in his career takes him.