Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Baby Boo

 4 weeks 1 day: 

Last week I had been feeling pretty awful, I was tired, slightly nauseated and had no motivation to do anything. The idea of being pregnant was soooo not even on my mind.  School and life always seems a bit long and hard this time of year so I really didn't think much of it.  Then I was late, which NEVER happens, but the thought of being pregnant was STILL not on my mind.  I have started working with a personal trainer over the last couple months and have been steadily losing weight and thought maybe the calorie deficit and working out every day might have something to do with it.  But one day late turned into two and I ordered some pregnancy tests figuring I should at least rule that out. The tests arrived a whole day early and I quickly snatched them from the front porch to get my answer. I honestly thought that this would rule out pregnancy as an option. Well, I cannot even tell you how instant that second line showed up on the test - I was in COMPLETE shock. Peter and I spent the evening just laughing at the news, what else could we do!  It is of course welcome news but completely shocking and unexpected and definitely makes us adjust some plans for this year.  I should be due on Halloween.  The biggest thing for me to process is that I am going to be feeling awful here soon and I am so not ready for the nausea.  I am also on a fitness journey and this puts a big wrench into those goals for this year, but I am grateful that Ayla is going to have the opportunity to have a close sibling like the other kids all have had.  God has been sooo good to us! 

Symptoms: major fatigue, peeing all the time, cramping, very slight nausea  

8 Weeks: 

Well, it has been awhile. Partially just because life has been crazy! Between dealing with the normal early pregnancy issues like nausea and fatigue we are also in the midst of a pretty major master bathroom/bedroom remodel.  Peter is so busy trying to take care of all of us while working and renovating and I am so grateful for how he cares for his big family!  The first trimester is always rough and that's why I've been so quiet with updates but it is also reassuring that baby is hopefully tucked in there safe and sound and growing!  I started looking pregnant in the tummy around week 8 last time and I am definitely looking that way now. I don't think I will be able to hide this for long!  The highlight so far is that I was able to to find a very hidden in the background heartbeat! It was special and made it all very real that there is in fact a baby in there (if the nausea wasn't a strong enough clue)!  I need to get scheduled for my first doctors appointment!  I'm still in a bit of shock and haven't really realized that we are going to have 6 kids but I am very excited for the journey ahead and this bonus blessing of this baby!

Symptoms: Nausea, food aversions, fatigue

9 weeks 5 days:

Today was one of those days I never want to forget!  I had my first prenatal appointment. We had fun entering the office and hearing the nurse and my doctor joke around about how they didn't expect to see us back and that we haven't learned yet!  I feel so fortunate that I have been able to have this doctor for all 4 of my pregnancies!  And then we went in for my ultrasound and there I sat in awe! I usually have an ultrasound around 7-8 weeks and I couldn't believe the difference another week or two make! We saw fingers and toes and baby was moving around so much and waving little arms all over!  So far this pregnancy I have felt terrible and I've been worried about how I'm going to handle this pregnancy while taking care of all the other kids, and how I can be a good mom to 6 kids.  From that first moment I saw this little one it was love at first sight and I know I can do this!  Peter and I both just kind of sat there in awe watching him/her wiggle and wae!  This baby is already so amazing and has changed our lives for the better!  I am so relieved to know baby is healthy and growing so big and strong! We are so blessed! 

Symptoms: Nausea, lots of gagging, super tired, food sounds gross 

12 Weeks 5 Days:

Last day in my first trimester and I am so ready to leave this phase behind!  It has been a rough couple months and while I still have some lingering nausea and lots of exhaustion I feel like there has to be a light at the end of the tunnel any day now! But I am grateful for progress!  A few weeks ago I went and did genetic blood work.  We have never done this before but since I am "old" this time the doctor said I might as well.  The only thing I wanted to make sure and NOT find out was the gender so we had to work extra hard to catch that phone call and not spoil our fun surprise!  Fortunately all the genetic tests came back with great news and gender is still a secret!  I have gone back and forth so much, sometimes I think boy but I also strongly assume it is a girl.  A girl would be nice to make it easy to round out the family with 4 girls who I could just picture having a blast going through life together! On the other hand some big brothers have been praying for a baby brother forever and it has been a long time since we've had one of those in the house :)  Either way I am excited and will be so happy either way! I just can't help but feel so blessed! 

Symptoms: Fatigue, Nausea, no motivation 

16 Weeks 3 Days: 

Well it has been awhile. Time feels like it is going fast and slow at the same time.  For the most part I am feeling as normal as I feel during pregnancy. The nausea has mostly subsided although I still gag a lot!  I am now in maternity clothes but still feel like the bump isn't as big as it was with the girls at this stage. Not thinking that means anything but just worth noting.  The heartbeat has dropped down into the 140's or 150's, which is also lower than the girls, but I still am expecting this to be a girl :)  My last appointment my doctor was very concerned about my blood pressure but testing at home has proven it must just be some white coat syndrome. Unfortunately she wanted me to start checking my blood sugar too and while my normal numbers are great, my fasting blood sugar is not behaving so I am afraid that another Gestational Diabetes diagnosis is coming. I'm a bit frustrated by that because I worked so hard post partum to lower my risks for diabetes (long family history) but I know GD is it's own beast and there isn't necessarily a way to prevent it.   It will be a long pregnancy of monitoring my sugars with how early this has all started!  The best part of all this is that I have definitely starting feeling little thumps of the baby letting me know he or she is in there!  It is the best part of this whole process in my opinion and really gets me excited to meet this little one!  

Symptoms: Growing belly, tired, gagging, baby movement! 

19 Weeks 3 Days:
We are still moving ahead.  Still a bit nauseated and tired and I am not sure it is going to completely go away but that is okay. The best part right now is feeling lots of movement! I have felt it a couple times with my hand too, but so far baby stops moving whenever Daddy tries to feel. Heartrate still seems to be hanging out in the 140's to low 150's.  At my last appointment there was some debate on my due date so I am hoping for some clarification on that after my 20 week ultrasound next week! It is either October 31st or October 17th, which is quite a range if you ask me. I am still assuming it is the 31st of October though and wouldn't want to have you too early since we've been there done that before!  My blood pressure is still great (continuing to monitor it here and there to keep the doctor happy) and I was getting super strange blood sugar readings so I replaced the batteries and ordered new test strips and now my readings have been amazing - even fasting.  So I am feeling a lot better on all fronts for my health and baby's health. I am so excited to get to see this sweet little one again next week. Anatomy scan is always a fun appointment and also reassuring to know all looks well, so that is what we are hoping for! 

22 Weeks 1 Day:

I finally feel better!  20 weeks seems to be where I really turn the corner with the nausea. I am still pretty tired but that is to be expected I think.  The best update at this point is that we had our anatomy scan and baby looks great and my body still seems to be behaving!  Baby was measuring to October 25th so right in between the October 31st and October 17th due dates, so that doesn't really help us figure things out!  But we will just cross the due date bridge when we get farther down the road!  We successfully completed our ultrasound without finding gender so it should be smooth sailing from here.  Parts of my gut still thinks boy but I also think a lot of the symptoms are suggesting girl so I am completely clueless!  Peter and I have worked hard on names and I think we have a girl name and a boy name picked out but we may still debate it a little bit until the end just in case another name appeals to us!  Peter FINALLY felt some kicks last week so he is happy about that. We found out that I have an anterior placenta this time so that might be why it took him a bit longer to feel movement this time, but he's feeling kicks a lot now! All in all things are going great and I can't complain.  Summer is very hot this year and that's a new one for me and being farther along in a pregnancy but I'm surviving just fine with days of swelling here and there, which I have never dealt with during pregnancy before! We are getting more and more excited to meet this little one and buying things here and there and starting the prep. I know this summer is going to fly and fall will be here before we know it! We can't wait! 


Thursday, June 17, 2021

Eli's 10th Birthday!

Somehow we had another kid enter the double digits and boy is it hard to believe! We were super excited to celebrate his day even if his celebration was small.  We are pretty fed up with Covid parties at this point but our kids are amazing and have just gone with the flow. But we still pulled out all the stops to try and give him as much fun as we could! 

He requested homemade cinnamon rolls for breakfast!

And then we were off to have some fun.  He isn't big on clothes shopping or eating on his birthday fun day, he would much rather spend the time playing and then picking out his toys. The state was still very shut down which limited what we could do greatly but he is a great sport and was happy to spend the time geo caching!

And once we finally found a store that had his gift he really just wanted to go home and build!  I also had an IOU for Peter for a lego set that was out of stock by Christmas and we found it so both boys were quite happy to start building. 

And then it was time to party! 

Eli, it has been a great joy to watch you grow these last 10 years! From that tiny 5 lb baby boy to who you are today! I love how fun and playful you are, from legos to sports to board games.  I love your soft spirit. As much as I loved you as little boys, it is so fun to watch you grow into a big kid and see more of the young man you are becoming! You have brought so much joy to our lives since the moment you entered it!  We are so blessed to be your parents!  


Monday, June 14, 2021

Christmas 2020

We ended the year on yet another couple week trip away!  We loved the Christmas we spent a few years ago at Eagle Crest and since Peter still had the flexibility to work wherever he wanted, we took the opportunity to spend a couple weeks at what I consider to be, my happy place! Little Miss was such a hoot this year as she was just old enough to really enjoy the holiday! 


Peter was able to take the boys out skiing for their very first lesson and by the end of the season they had acquired a love of the sport much to Peter's delight! 

Even more bonding time with Dad as he took the big kids (Eli not pictured) Ice Skating 


And took LB out on a special date for custom cupcakes! 

I think my most favorite part of being on vacation for Christmas is that you're done with the hustle and bustle and we were just able to enjoy every second of the season with the kids.  We were able to do so many little, but fun things! 

And then it was Christmas Eve. While we still had the big tree set up at home, I kind of love our little travel tree! 

Ayla was very interested in Santa's cookies! 

My sweet, sweet babies! 

Christmas Morning

Lefsa tradition 

Her very first bite ever of Lefsa

Before we came home we had to spend a day finding a spot to sled.  We trapsed through the woods and it was just perfect! 

It was a Christmas to remember and we had so much fun the last few months of the year between Las Vegas, Arizona, Utah, and our Christmas adventure.  What a blessing of time spent with family! 


Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Last Leg of Road Trip - Oregon

It has been quiet around here for the entire start of the year and I have a ton of updates to do so we will be posting these as quick as we can to get caught up! I debated just giving up, but decided to try and catch up because it has been helpful throughout the years to come back to and remember specific things in specific years. 

So here we are going all the way back to December to finish up our epic road trip adventure.  We felt a bit bad because we promised the kids after our long 11 hour day heading to Salt Lake City that we wouldn't do that to them again. But we had an opportunity too good to pass up in Southern Oregon but that meant we had to drive 14 hours in one day!  Our compromise to make it easier on the kids was to leave really really early in the morning.  If I remember correctly we left around 4ish in the morning, and had said goodbye to Utah, spent a few minutes in Arizona and crossed into Nevada and were through Las Vegas by 6.

The kids slept for the first 3 or 4 hours which was great! Eventually it was daylight and they were all waking up as we passed through the middle of nowhere Nevada and Area 51.  I don't think any of us are in a hurry to repeat that boring drive from Vegas to Reno again!

Covid made things really hard with meals and the kids but they were troopers!  We found a Burger King in a gas station in one of the tiny towns we passed through and their dining room was closed and it was super cold outside so breakfast in the car it was and it gave Ayla a little chance to stretch her legs! She was such a trooper!

And then we pressed on! Thankfully it was slightly warmer in Reno and In N Out had some outdoor seating opened up so everyone could get out and stretch their legs! 

The drive was super long and we were all so ready to be done by the time the sun was setting. But finally we crossed into Oregon, grabbed some pizza's and were ready to settle for a few more days of fun!

It was so nice to be back in Oregon amongst the familiar trees and scent of juniper! The Oregon trees just have a scent about them (if you know, you know).  And we had plenty of deer visitors on the constant where we were staying! We absolutely adored the unique beauty of Utah but definitely could still appreciate how amazing the nature in Oregon is too! 

This girl took off walking on this trip! 

We decided while we were in the area to take advantage and visit Oregon's one National Park.  Packing in lunches for the day uses up a full loaf of bread! 

It was a pretty short drive to Crater Lake and very unique to visit it in the depths of winter. We hadn't really experienced any snow on our journey in Utah except when we went to the ski resorts but Crater Lake was buried in it! It was very very different than visiting during the summer. While the kids didn't have perfect snow gear, they had enough warm clothes to play for a bit.  The snow was up over all the rails at the park so it definitely made us a bit more paranoid but we are excited we made the journey to experience the place this time of year! 


After a day at Crater Lake Daddy made a reservation to take his biggest girl on an ice skating date! 


There was also plenty of time for hot tubbing!

And on our last night Peter took the boys ice skating while I hung back with the girls and they had a spa and movie night!


Even now, many months later I just love that we took the time to go on this epic little road trip! We had never attempted anything even close to that magnitude with just our kids before but we made so many fun memories as a family that will never be forgotten!  We truly can't wait until we can hit the road again with them as there is still so much of the country we look forward to exploring!  It was definitely the crown on the year and the perfect way to end 2020!