Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Foster Pup #41 - Icon

Well we did a terrible job of photographing this little guy.  He came during a busy week.  In my opinion he was so ugly he was adorable!  We felt so bad for him as he didn't have any active fleas or ticks but his poor little body was covered in healing bites. Very sweet, a little shy but adored the kids and well, he was a little bit yappy so he was one of the few pups who got to spend the night in his kennel out in the garage.  But all in all, very sweet little boy. I felt bad for him because he was returned by families twice after they said they would adopt him.  This does happen from time to time as people aren't up for the challenge of puppy hood, but seriously, twice?!?  Fortunately 3rd time seems like the charm and he has found his home!  As usual, Eli adored him and the pup was quite fond of Eli too!  

Monday, September 11, 2017

Labor Day Weekend

We had a fun and busy extended Labor Day weekend down at Peter's Grandma's house.  The kids look forward to visiting every year and there's always plenty for them to explore and do.  There's far more photos of the sunsets than are necessary, but the only good thing about the smoky sky in the area is the beautiful sunsets and we had a perfect view to enjoy them! 

We also stopped for one extra night to see my parents who were staying on the northern part of the coast.  That was nice because it was a halfway stop on the drive home so it was broken up nicely! Hard to see but the whales were all over out in the water and it was so cool to see them so close to shore!

Peter and my Dad went out bottom fishing and crabbing the next day! The kids loved all the crab! 

And a little bit of pool time before heading home!  Love our family time away! 

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Foster Pups #39 and #40

We never even caught these cutie girls names, but we loved having them!  They were the tiniest sweetest little things, and quite adorable! 

We knew they would have no problem finding their homes and they were quickly scooped up. They were a little tougher to say goodbye to but there are always more puppies to love and we brought one back home immediately with us so! 

Monday, August 14, 2017

End of Summer Phone Dump

My phone is having less and less storage for pictures, someday I will get a bigger phone but I am revolting on that for as long as I can because I am cheap, or maybe I just take too many pictures. 

So here we have some of our summer fun! 

We've been smoked in for awhile now but it made some gorgeous nights to photograph the full moon! 

Still loving our date boxes!  

This one included homemade shaved ice with real fruit syrups we made ourselves - yum! 

We've picked a lot of berries 

and someone ate a lot too!

We've spent a lot of nights out back, my husband makes the best smores around!

We've had our first bee sting experience and the kid was babied big time. Then we had another one with another kid a week later. Hopefully that's enough! 

Sometimes I have no control over the craziness that happens in our house! 

Sweet Eli wanted to make blueberry muffins for his sisters birthday! They were delicious! 

Mal's been cooking too! 

We're having a lot of fun learning about sea creatures this year in school

The big kids had their first campout experience with my parents and they loved every second of it! 

I usually get complaints almost every night over what I cook for dinner, but go figure a pot of simple lentils had everyone going back for seconds. 

Ozzie likes to hang out around the firepit too! 

This one is random but Peter and I have a little app we have fun answering questions to each other on. It's a similar logic to the newlywed game.  I laughed because this is HIS answer!  This is not what his answer would have been when we first got married. Now the question is, what size sports team are we talking here ;)