Friday, March 25, 2016

A Walk Down Memory Lane - Our Wedding Day

As we continue this journey to our 10th Anniversary, we have come to the main event, the day we said I Do! If you've missed a post, you can find the first two parts below:

Part 1 - Dating
Part 2 - Engagement

The day we'd been waiting for was finally before us!  I remember saying goodbye to Peter the night before (after we practiced how we wanted the kiss to go- Ha) and just realizing that this was FINALLY the last night we had to say goodbye!  We'd spent 7 months dating and then an eternal 18 months building to our wedding day.  The next morning, I remember my man greeting me at the door, it was so nice to see him just for a tiny bit that morning to calm any initial nerves.  We went to get a quick smoothie for breakfast before he dropped me off at my hair appointment. The next time he'd see me would be at the altar!  The start of day one of us truly being an us and becoming our own family! I really wasn't nervous at all, in fact I only began to get nervous as they literally said it was time to go, and that was only because I do NOT like being the center of attention and was rethinking the whole 300 people about to be staring at me!  

The morning went mostly smooth, if you can discount the white roses that died over night, the bee hive where the cake was to be set up, and the fact that our photographer forgot her camera! It was all getting taken care of and I just had to get dressed and sit back and wait for the hour to come!  It felt like a lot of waiting! 

The dress bustling took a VERY long time! 

Then it was off to get as many pictures taken as we could between the time that the photographer got her camera's and when we started the ceremony. We didn't want to see each other before the ceremony so we busted out what pictures we could get before we were together! 

I'd like to think our wedding day fit our personality well. We wanted to keep it simple but meaningful. From the relatives who had passed on and we wished could be there, to honoring our grandparents and parents marriages that have stood the test of time before us. Down to the details of having the reception at my great grandma's old farmhouse and remembering to thank Peter's Uncle who may have mentioned to Peter that he should think about asking me out. 

Then it was time to get the show on the road!  Gosh, I literally have not looked at these pictures in years and it brings back so many memories.  We were so fortunate to have so many of our grandparents there to celebrate the day with us, as at this point some are no longer here with us. 

Oh man, I just remember being so nervous but as soon as I had Peter next to me, I was instantly calm. We're both pretty chill people but when I do get rattled he's always been my rock!  That started from that first moment on our wedding day! 

And then it was done.  A few vows, a couple rings, signing a license, and a kiss and boom, we were married!  We couldn't have been any happier!  Two years of wanting to be married and we finally were! 

And then the day drew to an end and it was time to really start our lives together!  After all, the wedding day, while a wonderful celebration is just the beginning of a long journey together. One that we had just vowed to have the stamina to face anything and everything life would throw at us together.  I've spent some time lately thinking about those vows and all they truly meant.

"I am secure in the knowledge that you will be my constant friend
my faithful partner in life
and my one true love.
I promise to share with you in times of joy,
as well as in times of trouble.
To talk and to listen,
To honor and appreciate you,
to provide for and support you in trust and love.
I further promise to love you without reservation,
comfort you in times of distress,
laugh with you and cry with you,
grow with you in mind and spirit
and cherish you always."

As I read those words, I can think of many instances with each one of them where we've had to stand by those vows. I also see moments where I could have done a better job. It's a journey and an imperfect one at that, but part of being a faithful partner is to take the good days with the bad.  The big D word has never been a thought in our minds, not even once. I would never want to face a moment without my faithful partner by my side. As our "theme verse" since before we were ever even married says

Ecclesiastes 4:9-10
Two are better than one,
because they have a good return for their work.
If one falls down, 
his friend can help him up. 
But pity the man who falls and has no one to help him up!"

We've been in this thing as a partnership from Day 1. We work hard, we play hard, we try to put each other first. Yes, we've  had some bad days, but thankfully more good days.  It's so nice to be a bit away from Day 1, because everything on Day 1 was done in faith and love that our life together would be good.  Here we are on day 3,527 and we've weathered a few storms together. We've celebrated victories together, we've cried together, we've fought and as these posts continue through  our journey the last 10 years, we might get in to some of those things. But there's a lot more there now than just faith in each other. We know we've got each others backs! We're committed to each other for the long haul!  

But we got here because of a few simple vows that we may or may not have even known what they meant. We got here because it all started with falling in love to the point where we couldn't imagine life without one another.  We got here because we had faith that we'd be better off facing life's battles together.  Day 1 was just the beginning of what I would like to think of as a pretty sweet story.  With the wedding behind, we became our own little family!  We were just beginning Chapter 1!