Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Whistler Weekend Part 2

We had another relaxing evening and both of us got to sleep in on Sunday morning, a rare treat!  Since we slept past breakfast time we decided to get ready to go play in the snow and then head across the street to a favorite in Canada - Tim Horton's for breakfast sandwiches and donuts. 

Then we were off to the mountain to try out the tube park.  The weather wasn't as nice as the day before but we were bundled up and ready to have some fun.  The snow and mountains have never been a place that I have spent much time but this trip made me really want to come home and try out skiing so maybe we can go back someday and really enjoy all Whistler has to offer. But for the time being, there was and still is so much that we didn't get to do that would have been fun without needing to know how to ski.  

The tube park was actually quite fun and the weather meant it wasn't very busy.  It was very well organized and the lanes were actually fun and more scary than expected.  I actually think it scared Peter more than ziplining did! 

Once we were getting chilly and the weather was getting worse, we decided to call the tube park as good as done and try out another mountain delicacy - The Beaver Tail. My mom makes these at home but the toppings made these unique and super tasty. I think we may need to add some of their topping options to ours down here in the future.  The one we tried was Nutella, peanut butter, and melting reeces pieces. So yummy!

Right next to the tube park was the olympic sliding center and it just so happened that there was an actual competition going on which made stopping there a special treat!  We had a chance to watch The Canadian Championships in Bobsledding and Skeleton.  Can I also just say, if we were in the states it would be ALL basketball, all the time on the tv. But up in Canada it is all hockey and all curling all the time. The curling was a favorite of Peter's to watch......

But back to the competition.  We did a lot of walking at the sliding center. In fact my fitbit said we walked 44 floors going up it, but we only made it up about 1/3 of the way before we had seen enough and decided to head back down.  The facility is actually pretty massive and the fact that these people were making it down the hill in 44 to 55 seconds was insane!  Seeing them come down in person was really cool! I've always loved watching the bobsled in the Olympics!

By the time we were done watching, we were pretty wet and cold and decided to head back to the room for a bit to warm up.  The dollar had treated us really well on this trip and we were left with quite a bit more exchanged money than we had spent.  We decided we could go someplace nice for dinner if we wanted. So we were looking up restaurant ideas online and found a place that people seemed to like and the food sounded good.  Well, when we got there we saw this sign at the door:

Seriously guys, I think we literally picked the cheapest place to eat in the whole village!  We ordered some poutine, a bacon burger and some chicken tacos. The food was pretty good but it came in under $15, and if you count the exchange rate it really was only like $11!  There's no place in the states besides fast food that we could eat a meal for that price! So dinner was no help at spending our money for us!  It was actually pretty funny if you'd have been there!

So then we were off to kill a little time walking around the village and doing a little bit of shopping before the Sunday night show in the village. 

Finally (about 30 minutes later than planned) the show started.  It was called Fire and Ice and it was entertaining enough of a way to end the trip.  Because we didn't completely wear all of our snow gear though, we were so cold by the end of it!  

Of course as cold as we were, we decided to close out our evening in the village with a stop at an ice cream place we had heard and seen a lot about. It was pretty good and worth being even colder, after all I had a big soaking tub to warm me back up!  It was such a fun trip with great memories made! 

Unfortunately all good things must come to an end, but before we hit the road we had another fantastic breakfast next to the lake in the hotel. 

The drive home was really long doing it all in one day.  We left at 9 in the morning so as to try and get through most of the drive before rush hour.  We had stopped about an hour away from Whistler at a Walmart to stock Peter up on Coffee Crisp candy, one of his favorites that we can't get at home when we got a call from the hotel. I had forgot my purse at breakfast. Darn it!  So back the hour drive to Whistler we went and then restarted the drive around 11!  With the Vice President just so happening to be in downtown Seattle in the afternoon, the drive became even longer. Our 7 1/2 hour drive turned into 11 hours home!  

Fortunately we had a quick dinner at a favorite in Tacoma to make me happy! 

A rough drive home wasn't going to kill a good trip though!  It's definitely one of those places I would love to return to someday, especially if I can figure out the basics of skiing.  I feel so fortunate that we got to have so much fun for my 30th birthday!