Friday, August 30, 2019

13 Years

Peter and I recently celebrated our 13th anniversary together. It certainly doesn't seem real that 13 years has come and gone so fast, but then we realize we have a 9 year old and somehow the math behind the years adds up!  I feel so fortunate to have met the love of my life and my best friend at such a young age because it has just given us even more time to spend together and grow together. 13 years, what can I say? We've learned a lot about each other and know one another well. We "get" each other. And yet we still have that feeling of young love, we still hate Monday's because it means we have a work week of not seeing each other very much and I can't wait to see him walk in the door in the evening and even better put the kids to bed so we can have some time to chat and catch up!   I love knowing that where we are right now is still just the beginning and we still have so many good years ahead of each other where we will continue to get to know one another even better and grow closer.

We've been married long enough now that we've gone through some challenges, faced many peaks and valleys but always have stayed committed to the betterment of our relationship.  This past year was no different. We still spent a significant portion of this year figuring out Peter's new work schedule and longer commute, how the extra responsibility and longer hours would affect Peter's stress level, how I would handle more of the work on the home front.  And don't even get me started on how hard infertility becomes on a relationship. That is ultimately a lot of the reason we were leaning towards letting go of that dream, it was taking a toll on our marriage and family.  But in the midst of it all, there was so much good too. This time when we had struggles, we immediately leaned into God and leaned into each other. We communicated instead of fought.  We always pursued closeness instead of retreat. 

Here we are passing another anniversary and we look at each other and can both honestly say that our relationship is the best it has ever been! Yes, we are in a season of abundant blessing at the moment but I have no doubt that even if we were continuing with struggles we'd still be just as close as we are right now. We are in love, happy, and feel incredibly blessed!  I think we've adjusted well to Peter's work schedule now, and of course this baby on the way is an amazingly wonderful blessing in our marriage family! We can't wait and are so happy to be parents again! 

Peter's name means rock and he has always been my rock! This pregnancy has taken a toll on me and even after working 10 hours a day and commuting 2-3 hours he is ready to do whatever I need in the evening. If I need help with dinner, he is on it, if there's cleaning he just does it, if a kid needs ran to a practice he just takes them. His sacrificial leadership of our family gives me so much respect for him! We've really grown in teamwork and there are ebs and flows to that, sometimes one partner needing another partner to pick up more of the load and this season has put Peter into a place where he's doing more than he should have to. But he never complains, just leads on and makes my heart leap with more love for him with every sacrifice he makes. I am so fortunate that he is mine!

So here's to the next year of life together. The kids keeping us busier and busier.  The blessing of a new life joining our family, the adjustment to having 5 kids and our love continuing to grow.  We have some amazing memories to make, that's for sure!

Friday, August 2, 2019

LB's 5th Birthday

Somehow our baby girl has hit the big number 5! 5 is one that definitely hits to the gut as you realize the toddler days are gone and now all of a sudden you have this child who is school age and growing up and becoming more and more independent. And how in the heck did 5 years come and go so quickly?!?

This year our girl has been asking for 11 months when her birthday was coming, she was more than a little excited and it was finally her turn. She had it all planned out! 

Her actual birthday we brainstormed what would make our girl happy, and decided that a food tour would be perfect for her! She loves to eat, even though she is TINY!  She can out eat her 9 year old brother! 

First stop Daddy went to get some super yummy donuts so we could celebrate her with the family before starting her day of fun with just mom and dad!

And then we were off!  She loved having complete control of where we went on her day out! 

First stop she picked, a local park!

And then she had a tough debate between pizza, hot dogs, or tacos but decided on some pizza! 

And then ice cream

Next she wanted to go to a local splashpad! She had a lot of fun here!

And then she was insistent on getting a hot dog from one of her favorite places!  

She was wearing down by this point but we kept the fun going by letting her go to a very fun candy store and filling up on candy and cotton candy!

I would say she was thoroughly spoiled as any kid should be on their birthday.  

Happy Birthday sweet girl!  I look back at your baby pictures and don't understand how it is possible that 5 years has come and gone so fast!    I feel so honored that we get to be your parents and watch you become unique you! You are silly, always making us laugh.  You're tough and determined and strong.  You give amazing hugs and love to snuggle.  You have a way of warming the hearts all around you with your beautiful smile.  It is a privilege to watch you grow and I truly cannot wait to see where life takes you because I know there is nothing you can't accomplish with the level of determination and heart you have!  You are so loved and I can't wait to be a part of everything this year of life has in store for you! Bring it on!