Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Malachi's 8th Birthday

Well it is April which means a lot of the month seems consumed in Birthday fun! Sweet Mr Malachi started the house off with Birthday fun this past weekend as he turned 8 years old! 

After a fun birthday party, it was time for us to spend our special day with him where we get to spoil him rotten and have a little one on one time. 

And then his actual birthday, the 3rd day of fun for the boy complete with a breakfast treat and a dessert of his choosing. 

Mr Malachi,

I am so thankful for the gift you are in my life. It is not lost on me how much a miracle and blessing you are to us. 8 years old is a hard one for this mom to swallow as it feels more and more like you've left the little boy behind and are now a full fledged kiddo! You're growing up more and more, and I can't stop you from growing taller and taller and when I look at your handsome face I am just in awe of the wonderful kid you've become. You're so kind and generous, wanting to please others.  I know we've had some challenges over this last year in particular but I am proud of the guy you are. I see so very much good in who you are. You genuinely care about other people.  You're fun to be around and outgoing.  You're smart. You my dear, are the whole package. As you continue to grow into the young man God wants you to be, I pray you find your way.  I know we will continue to have our moments as you grow more and more in your independence but I hope you will always see me as your #1 fan! I have your back, always.  You are more loved than you could possibly comprehend! Happy Birthday to my first baby boy!