Monday, October 13, 2008

Boring post alert!!!

Not a whole lot to report on the home front. Guess I am just posting to post. Peter leaves for orientation training on Sunday. He will be spending his week in chilly Chicago. He is enduring a small busy season at work right now and pulling in some long hours. My work has settled down a lot and we are FINALLY off of mandatory overtime. We are still busy selling stuff but have built up a large enough stock that we don't have to work quite as much.

Juno is healing very well from her surgery and will be able to get a bath very soon (stinky dog right now).

We went to the Oregon State football game this Saturday and it was a lot of fun to watch! I don't remember going to a game that we killed an opponent and it was none other then Peter's Cougs :) I finally converted him though and he is a full fledged OSU fan now. (Actually I think I have gotten to his whole family now!)

Things are very boring right now- which is completely fine to me, but I am sure it is very boring to read. I promise I will have good material again someday!