Saturday, February 16, 2008

Finally, an update

Okay so I know it has been awhile since I have said anything on here and I am sorry :( I do not want to give a report if there is nothing even remotely entertaining to talk about. I feel like I am always repeating the same old things and that will be pretty much what I do now - with a few things worth noting.

As you can see - the preview for Indiana Jones 4 came out this week and I have to say - I have never been this excited for a movie before!!! I love Pirates of the Carribean and was very excited for all of those movies to come out and I get even more excited every time a Harrison Ford movie hits theatre's - but this is the ultimate Harrison Ford experience. So I have posted the trailer on my blog for your viewing pleasure, as well as mine.

I am working like crazy right now. 11 hour days all week this week and all week next week. I am okay with the overtime, I won't lie - we can definitely use the extra money. Monday is bonus day at work so I will be looking forward to going to work on Monday!!! Let's hope it's a good one :)

Peter is getting so close to done with school and we are getting very excited for it!!! He got some information this week on a starte date, and it is about where we anticipated it to be - first two weeks of October. He has dates for his orientation near the end of October too, but does not know where it will be taking place yet. He is getting some work prepared for taking the CPA exam starting this summer. Basically every Saturday from the end of May thru the end of December he will be taking classes to prepare for the exams. It will be all day (8-5) at Portland State University. He will be taking his first exam in July and is already getting very nervous about it - so if you would like to start praying for him now - I KNOW he would appreciate it!

We had a very sweet Valentine's Day. Peter knows me well enough to do things that I really really appreciate! I came home to a CLEAN house on Thursday, when that boy had the time to do it - I do not know. It was a breathe of fresh air for me! He also did the normal flowers and card which even though it is a typical Valentine's gift - I still love receiving them!!! He takes such good care of me and the gifts keep on coming from him. Yesterday he went and bought donuts and juice and wrote "Happy Day After v-day" on them. I love this boy more then anything!!!

So there is your update!!!