Sunday, January 8, 2017

Foster Pups #21 and #22 Tesla and Tori (aka Cutie Patootie and Puppy Love)

We started our new year off with some house guests and our first puppies of the new year.  They were super sweet and quiet and cuddly the whole week long. 

Eli is usually the one who is head over heels for the puppies, but this time it was Sabrina who was obsessed and gave them new names (Cutie Patootie and Puppy Love). She was particularly obsessed with Tesla (Cutie Patootie).

They were my snuggle bugs all week too! Which who doesn't love a super snuggly puppy! 

And does a picture get any cuter than this?!?

All that to say, these girls really bonded with our family. I was actually surprised when it was time to say goodbye that it was even a little difficult for me. Fortunately they were gone before Sabrina was up.  We did show her a picture a day later and it broke my heart to see her tear up a little bit. My sweet sensitive little girl!  Unfortunately the weather wasn't great for puppy adoption day so they are still currently looking for their home but I am hopeful they will soon, they deserve good ones!