Monday, January 2, 2017

Ringing in the New Year - Family Style!

One of our new favorite New Year's Traditions is to keep it low key and celebrate with the kids.  It's fun to guess how many kiddos can actually make it to midnight. Last year only Sabrina made it to midnight but I thought a couple would make it this year!

We ate yummy food 

Played games

Including lots of video games 

Around 10:00 we settled down to watch Secret Life of Pets and snuggle those sweet foster pups! 

And finally midnight snuck up on us!  We tried our best to keep them all awake but poor Malachi passed out around 11:30. Try as we might to wake him back up, he was out cold. 

But the other three made it, Eli just barely but he was awake!

New Year's day was glorious as the house was still silent at 9:30.  We kept it low key but the kids had been begging us to take them to another movie so we (and everyone else it seemed) headed off to the movies to see Sing!

We are off to a fun start to the year. I'm glad we can soak in a little bit more family time before the chaos of January and Peter's crazy work schedule takes over.  This family is ready to rock 2017!