Monday, February 13, 2017

Trying Something New

Last year for my birthday Peter took me on a wonderful trip to Whistler.  This was actually my first time ever even at a ski resort and getting to watch people ski. We didn't ski on that trip but watching others ski made me really want to try it, even if I thought it would be weird for me to try to learn at 30!

This led me to signing up for lessons this last month.  Peter is pretty good at skiing even though he hasn't done it in many years.  This was something I really wanted to try, but was also really nervous about giving it a shot.  

So began 3 days of trial and error. From being surprised at how easy the basics seemed, to a really bad second lesson where I was in over my head. To trying my hand at a run at the top of the mountain with some very supportive family that assured me I could do it, to someone taking my skis that I now have to deal with at the rental office.  

These lessons have certainly come with highs and lows.  I still feel nervous about it all but I also am discovering that I think it will be a lot of fun if I keep plugging along.  I have a lot of learning left to do but I look forward to more time spent on the slopes with Peter and maybe even with the kids someday!