Monday, February 27, 2017

Whistler Vacation Part 1

We are just home from a fantastic vacation!  Peter snuck me off to Whistler for my birthday last year, and as often happens when we are away from the kids we instantly thought it would be a place the kids would love!  I think it took about a week after we came home before we had bought ski passes (they were on an amazing sale) and had booked a VRBO for the next year! So this has been a trip in the works for quite some time!

We woke the kids up at 5 in the morning to load into the car for the long drive. The kids were so excited! 

We got a good 3 hours of driving in before we needed to stop for breakfast and then the driving continued. The kids did a good job of napping along the way! 

And when they got bored with their kindles and movies and music, we  moved on to car card games.

Finally we had crossed into Canada and had lunch at the amazing fish shop that Peter took me to last year!  Yum! 

And back in the car for the last bit of driving! The kids really did do great but were so happy to be there! 

Finally Whistler was in sight! 

After a night of rest we were off on our first day of fun! 

The guys headed off for a fun form of sledding called baseboarding while us ladies had fun at the sledding hill with the kids! 

LB was quite the little daredevil baby! 

Goober girl was afraid to sled so she spent her time sliding the sled down the hill, then herself sliding down the hill to retrieve the sled and then doing it all over again.  She was having her own sort of fun though! 

Needless to say, that was enough to wear us all out for the day! 

In the evening we checked out the village and the kids had fun at the little snow castle! 

And we introduced the kids to a favorite -  poutine! 

And hours of games in the evenings.  

Fun memories were definitely being made!