Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Whistler Part 2 - Fun with the Kids!

This trip was two fold, we definitely wanted it to be a family vacation but at the same time we also wanted to spend time skiing. I think we were able to balance our time pretty good and we can't wait for the day when the kids can join us on the slopes. But we still had a total blast hanging with them and doing the things they could do! 

In addition to our first day at the tobaggen hill, the kids begged to go back and we had a gorgeous, almost warm day when the runs were extra slick from a bit of ice over! It was a blast! 

And we finally got this girl ON a sled and she loved every minute of it and begged for more and more! 

Our little princess had one request to make her dreams come true and that was to ice skate!  

LB and I found something more our style while the rest skated! 

Another fun time was at the tube park. The girls were too little but the boys had a blast! 

The girls had a little fun on the sidelines too! 

Yes considering how much the kids are still talking about Whistler and wanting to go back for more fun, I think they had themselves a pretty good time too!