Thursday, March 2, 2017

Whistler Part 3 - Skiing

 I knew going into skiing at Whistler that it was going to be a challenge for me. From the research I had done, it was anything but a beginner mountain, but I was hopeful that there would at least be something I could do.  I think what was most surprising though is that Peter and his mom had lots of experience skiing and they still had a challenging time finding runs they felt comfortable on.  The runs themselves are quite challenging and steep in general, but also we accidentally booked this trip over a US holiday week when the state of Washington had the entire week off of school.  They refer to it as American week at Whistler.  Oops!  The mountain I think in general is crowded but on this particular week I think it was even more so.  It was difficult for everyone, but I think particularly for me to get comfortable at my skill level to be on the crowded runs.

Our first day on the mountain conditions were great, but as the week wore on, there was no fresh snow, lots of ice, and blowing in fake snow.  Our last day, while beautiful was quite icy.  I think all of these things presented some unique challenges. We spent a ton of time at the bunny hill which was actually a really nice bunny hill!  We also did do quite a few of the green runs after all and Peter spent a whole afternoon off on his own exploring the mountain.  Most of the green runs I only had the nerve to do once, but I still had a blast and I think improved a lot on this trip. I think I will be much more prepared for our local mountain and the ease of it next time we visit!  And regardless of how cold or crowded it was, the weather was gorgeous for sightseeing up there!

And the mid mountain lunch was amazing! 


I am still very excited to keep practicing and improving.  I still get super nervous before we head up the mountain each time but at the end of each day I am bummed it is over.  We hope to ski at least a few more times before the season ends here and look forward to learning more and maybe getting the kids started up in the coming years! I am so happy I gave skiing a try just a little over a month ago and have come along ways I think!  It is going to be a fun new hobby for sure!