Friday, March 17, 2017

Foster Pup #26 - Gin

Well the puppy train is in full effect right now as we go from puppy to puppy in the home. This week we had an older puppy in our home by the name of Gin.  

Gin came in the house super scared as most of the pictures I got of him show.  He wouldn't even come out of his kennel the first night. 

The next day he was still not a huge fan of me and wanted to hide. 

Eventually he started really warming up to the kids. He definitely loved them even if he was still a bit shy around us adults. 

All that to say, it only took a couple days for this shy guy to become a fully rambunctious puppy.  With all the chewing and jumping one expects from an older untrained pup. While he loved the kids he was also a bit rough with them so we decided to take him back a little early which worked out well as they were able to schedule him for his neuter before puppy adoption day.  Sorry Gin!