Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Valentine's Day Recap

Valentine's Day remains one of my most favorite holidays.  I like the special opportunity to just focus on loving my family.  Of course, we should love all the time but it's just an extra opportunity. We made a conscious decision this year to focus on time with the kids instead of going out and we had a blast with the kids! 

I was also completely blown away with all the surprises and kind acts of love Peter poured out for me.  Of course I am not one to kiss and tell, but I was spoiled rotten and felt very loved! 

The kids spoiled me a bit with cards too!  They spent much of the day making cards for each other too, so sweet! 

We spoiled them a bit too! 

For dinner Malachi had a special Valentine's Kidstir for us!  He was very excited to get to make us such a special meal! 

Mommy handled the oven while brothers went off to swim lessons and sisters helped set the table all pretty! 

And the special dinner was all ready and it was very very tasty too! 

Along with his kidstir came a series of questions to ask during dinner and we had a lot of fun with the kids answering questions and sparking conversation! 

And dessert was absolutely amazing!  What a fun family day that I wouldn't trade for anything!