Friday, April 18, 2008

1 week and Peter is a bachelor

Okay so he won't really be a bachelor. Things are finally getting interesting around here and there is no way that I am going to miss it - but he will have a bachelor degree in a week :) Things will be busy for the next few weeks, but very exciting for us. We are going to spend this weekend getting a lot of the stuff done around here we need to do for graduation and our trip.

Peter completed a very big project this past weekend in his business capstone class. He had to start a business this past year and this Tuesday night they did presentations for spouses and parents about how the business did and what they learned from it. Peter's group was the second to last group and we didn't get home until pretty late, but it was still very worth it and I am sure that class will be one of the big milestones of his college education.

This week he has one in class final, two papers and one presentation to complete! Come Wednesday evening at 8:00 PM he will be "almost" free from the education system. I don't really think we'll feel "free" until all of the money we owe is paid back - technically we are still in bondage to them until that point.

Stat tuned in the next couple of weeks for lots of updates on graduation and Jamaica!!! I don't know how much updating we will do in Jamaica, but there is only so much relaxing and eating and swimming we can do right?!?!