Wednesday, April 23, 2008

It's all over!!!

The day we've been waiting for has finally arrived.....................

In 50 minutes Peter will have officially completed his college education!!!

The past couple of days have shown a resemblance to so many semesters before - the last few days when you have to cram to get it all done! It is done though :) Peter has been spending several nights this week cramming all of his final projects in - he only had two classes left for this week and both finished today and both had HUGE final projects due today. He wrote his last paper yesterday, did his last presentation this afternoon and is now taking his last test of his college life :) He has turned in his campus keys and now just has to wait to get his diploma (which strangely comes in the mail. You go through all the tradition and wearing the stupid gowns and stupid hats and all the pictures for them to hand you a blank case!?!?!?)

Anyway, tonight we had our own little celebration (between classes). Peter bought me beautiful orange roses and surprised me with them when I got home :) I made a nice steak dinner tonight and we enjoyed our first real conversation with each other in days. Seriously, finals are not good for a marriage and I think you should not have to take them after getting married - it is not good for your health.

I guess Peter's work is throwing him a party tomorrow to celebrate - I think that is very nice of them to do.

This chapter of our lives is finally closing. This chapter has been our entire relationship. Ever since we started dating and talking about marriage we have worried and planned for school. We have spent the first two years of marriage stressing about school and planning our lives around school and it is weird to be here at the end and realize that there is no school tomorrow, or next week, or next month! We don't have to stress about if we have enough money saved up to make it through another semester or base our weekend schedule around which meeting Peter has with which group from school. This is a very new feeling :)

So one chapter down and we are on to the next chapter. Want to know what the next chapter is about???? Here's a glimpse - paying down debt, and Peter transitioning into career man :)