Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

I want to wish all of our family and friends a very Merry Christmas! Ours has been great so far as we play with our Christmas presents this Christmas morning. I of course am still loving my early Christmas gift from Peter - Indy my 9 week old puppy! Peter is upstairs right now playing with his new lego set (yes I bought my husband lego's for Christmas). Our puppies are enjoying scattering their new Christmas toys around the house - things are very good today.

We are celebrating Christmas with a ton of snow still on the ground and I think that is awesome! We have had white Christmas Eve's before but never a white Christmas and there is a lot of it (I say this from an Oregonians perspective).

The only other thing I can hope for this Christmas is that our condo will close. I have not posted about it but the condo was supposed to close at the end of November and we are still working it all out right now. We are all hoping and praying that it all goes through before the new year hits. We absolutely love our new house - it is perfect for us! We are finally starting to get the last of our stuff put away - it has been hard to be motivated to put things away when at times in the past month, the condo sell has been up in the air. I will definitely post pictures of the new house as soon as it is officially our house!!!

Merry Christmas everyone and stay tuned for my year in review coming up in the next couple days!!!