Monday, July 25, 2016

Foster Pup #5 - Pretzel!

We got word that another transport of pups was on their way up from the LA area and that there would be a sweet little puppy waiting for us to enjoy!  We couldn't wait to go pick up our next friend Mr Pretzel - a 10 week old terrier mix! 

I don't think he was feeling great that first day here as he had been on a long transport and then probably got some shots and dewormed upon arrival. So he slept and snuggled most of the first day. We instantly had fallen in love with the little guy!

Eli especially attaches to these pups!  He adores them and they seem to adore him too! 

I instantly found myself begging some friends or family to take this puppy because I knew he was going to be a really great dog! 

Fortunately for me, Andy and Rachel fell in love with him and now he is a permanent member of the family. I guess that makes me his auntie :)  We are thrilled he is part of the family and that we can still spend time with him!  And he now has a new name - Welcome Mr Boston to the family!