Saturday, July 2, 2016

Foster Pup #3 - Alaska

 I had mentioned in my last foster pup post that we had gotten an email almost immediately after returning the last pups about the potential for another puppy to love for a few nights. 

As it turned out, the rescue works closely with an organization that transports dogs from shelters in the L.A. area to rescues up here in the Northwest. The shelters were getting full down there and they wanted to bring up as many dogs and puppies who were likely to be euthanized.  So we had no idea what type of pup we were getting, but we knew we would be getting someone!

Enter pick up day for little miss Alaska, an adorable 3 month old husky mix! 

We only had her for 3 nights but she certainly kept us on our toes. She had endless energy and we could tell very quickly that she has had no training. She was very nippy and jumpy. But under that crazy shell of hers we saw so much potential. She was very smart and sweet once you got that energy out.

Run her, run her, run her! 

Dog tired! 

I think one of the good things about us having children is we can see how these puppies react in a home with children. Miss Alaska had some issues around the kids and I was able to share my concerns with the rescue. They took my opinion seriously and they care about making sure the fit is good for the family and the pups!  I thought it was so sweet that they sent me an email this afternoon telling me that she had found her family and from the details they gave me it sounds like a wonderful fit for her!  With some puppy classes and a loving, consistent home I know she is going to make a wonderful pet for her family! 

The house is all picked up again and now we just wait for the next email for another puppy to love!