Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Foster Pup #5 - Goose

We knew we would be getting a new foster puppy as soon we returned Pretzel (or in this case, we didn't take him back).  These last couple weeks have been crazy for the dog rescue as they've received two transports of dogs from California. The rescue was getting pretty full as the second transport had more dogs than they were expecting.  We were asked if we could take Mr Goose a day early and we were more than happy to do so, because that allowed the rescue to take one more pup off the transport that night. I am amazed as I see more of the ins and outs of this rescue at just how hard they work and how wonderful they are at what they do. 

So Goose joined our family last Friday morning and settled in quickly with lots of snuggles from the kids! 

We were told he is some sort of a german shephard mix!  He has the softest fur and was very mild mannered. This was awesome since I kind of expected he would be high energy, but nope! 

We had a wonderful time with him and were expecting to have 8 nights with him. Instead our time was cut short as after just 4 nights we got word that a family was interested in him. We of course were happy to have him join his new family as soon as possible but we had a fun time with him while he was here!  

We've seemed to have a ton of puppies hanging around here lately and things feel really calm today (go figure how that works with 4 kids in the home).  No word on when the next puppy will be arriving and that is okay as we have a busy next week or so, but I look forward to more puppy snuggles soon!