Monday, July 11, 2016

First Day of School!

Oh yes, the school year just ended and it is summer but as we all know, we don't do things the typical way around here and today was the first day of school I had set up on the calendar!  That's early enough, but I should also mention that the kids all begged me to start their next years and so we've been slowly back in the swing of things for awhile down here.  But since this was our "official" start date, we treated it as such! 

Malachi is now a 1st grader! I find it funny that he has looked so forward to writing this year when last year writing was hard for him and not something he enjoyed doing.  He's a smart cookie and will just continue developing his skills! He's fun to watch and easy to teach! 

And how in the WORLD is this little man moving on to Kindergarten?!?  I just can't even!  But it is time and I have seen so much growth and maturity in him these last few months. School is still not his favorite but he's putting in a lot more effort and developing those basic skills without a power struggle! 

And then the princess who wants to be a princess. She was the most eager to keep going in school and is already 6 weeks into her final year of preschool.  She can't wait to read and write like her brothers. She's off to a great start! 

A new year is always a bit intimidating. I always wonder how we will get through all the material and wonder if the kids really can handle what is being asked of them, but we make it through just fine.  It's not an easy task to teach from home with a house full of kids in all different grades, but it is so worth it at the end of each year and I wouldn't trade this opportunity to watch them grow and learn for anything!  Here we go again!