Friday, December 16, 2011

The Details

Have you ever heard the expression "God is in the details?" Or, perhaps, "the devil is in the details?"
Sometimes the most ordinary, mundane things can turn into extraordinary moments. What was one of your most extraordinary ordinary moments this year? Our story is in the details ... How will you resound?

Okay so I tried really hard to think of something really ordinary to write about, but I couldn't come up with anything. So instead I will talk about how God really is in the details! So lets backpedal a few years okay -

In 2008, Peter and I thought we were ready to expand our family. For so many reasons, I am grateful that it didn't quite work out like that. Those extra 2 years without kids, I am very grateful for now! But anyway, at the time we thought it would work out great!

So enter summer of 2009, no baby yet. In fact after meeting with my doctor it sounded like it could be a lot of work to get me pregnant. Over the course of that summer, God was really working on our hearts and in early July 2009 we made the decision to adopt. Now this is how clearly God is in the details - the day we decided to adopt - July 12th, 2009 calculates up to being just about the exact moment in time that Malachi was coming into existence. He was conceived around the same time that God was making it so clear to us that we needed to proceed with adoption NOW! I can go more and more into detail about how things worked out perfectly through the adoption process to get us to Malachi, but I won't.

So enter Summer of 2010, we are just finishing up our adoption process and were really feeling a desire for another child. I had come to peace with the idea that I would never get to experience pregnancy (which is something I had always dreamed about!) and was okay with adopting all of our children. We were jumping head first into adopting again as soon as Malachi was safely home, but then we began to feel like God was not actually leading us in that direction so we decided to sit tight and just pray about our next move. About a month after we decided to sit tight, I found out I was pregnant! It was totally unexpected and such a God thing! I was not only getting one baby but two and God was granting my wish that I tried to let die of getting to experience pregnancy!

Now that brings us to 2011. I felt completely blessed to have my two boys. We decided we were going to try our best to hold off for awhile on adding any new additions to our family. But boy is it hard to get emails about all these waiting children and not be drawn to adopting again! Around the time that Eli turned 3 months old, I was really starting to feel like we were missing someone in our family. I spent hours upon hours researching different adoption options. I was learning about different options for countries or potentially adopting domestically. I was emailing with agencies and learning about the specific programs. Peter seemed okay with the idea of another baby in the family. We figured we would be starting the adoption process towards the end of this year. Society was saying we were totally nuts for even thinking of a 3rd child, but I really didn't care about that, I could only follow that my heart was telling me we were missing someone. Through it all I WANTED to be adopting again so badly, but my heart just didn't feel it was the right timing. No path felt like it was where we should be going. So we decided to kind of back off and just pray that God would show us the way.

Well, then summer approached and low and behold we were pregnant again! I know everyone thinks we are totally nuts and that is fine. I believe God was clearly preparing my heart when Eli was 3 months old that something, or rather someone was missing from our family. My heart feels so full right now and I am so in love with my three little ones! I have thought I knew what was best every step of the way, but every time God has surprised us and revealed his ultimate plan for our family! God has been in the details and I couldn't have written our story any better!