Thursday, December 22, 2011


We all have guilty pleasures - long baths, Shakira, Pabst, the Kardashians - and we can spend time and energy fighting and hiding them. Until we get tired of fighting them. And then we either stop endulging or we embrace them.

What guilty pleasure have you embraced this year? What have you just accepted as something you enjoy and stopped denying it? What do you enjoy that would surprise people that know you?

If you're still fighting your guilty pleasure, tell us what it is. Come clean. You'll feel a lot better.

I promise, I am a pretty innocent person :P So there isn't much to hide! I think my biggest guilty pleasure is indulging in sweets while pregnant. I know that sounds really innocent, but with my last pregnancy and having Gestational Diabetes with it I am supposed to be more careful this time. My doctor typically does a GD test at 12 weeks for the repeat offenders but she felt that my risk factors were so low last time that she felt it could be a fluke and told me not to worry about testing, but to cut out the garbage in my diet. So for the most part, I have been very careful about what I eat - that is until December hit!

With my pregnancy with Elias, I really wasn't in to sweet things. I LOVED fruit and Peter spent a fortune picking up pineapples and strawberries at the store on his way home - yum! This pregnancy has been totally different. With the exception of banana's and orange juice, fruit has not been able to satisfy me. I have craved french fries and sweets, not quite what I should be eating with GD (although fruit isn't great for GD either).

For example: this morning, I had a plate of brownies and a banana both sitting in front of me. I wanted the brownies for my breakfast. I seriously had to stand there for a second debating what would be better for my baby and eventually grabbed the banana. This little one LOVES the sugary foods (another reason I think girl!) As soon as my aforementioned brownies came out of the oven a couple nights ago, I made myself a brownie sundae and this baby was instantly hopping!

So there you have my guilty pleasure. I have embraced the fact that sweets are satisfying (in moderation) and I do my best to throw a couple of fruits and veggies in my diet! I really do a pretty good job of eating healthy most of the time. I figure if my GD test that I am due for in a couple weeks shows that I do in fact have it, then I can worry about it then and I promise, at that point I will give up the sweets for my little love! But man, am I (and baby too) hoping I don't have it this time!