Thursday, December 15, 2011


We learn new things every day. Processes change at work. We meet new people. We cook new recipes. We are constantly learning and growing.

But sometimes we learn something that qualifies as a discovery. A piece of new information - a feeling, a song, a place, an event, a book, a random fact - can sometimes change our view on the world and our place in it. Discovery can bring on positive change, but sometimes discovery is hard. Sometimes it causes conflict. But after a discovery, something about you just isn't quite the same.

What discovery did you make in 2011? What kind of impact did it have on how you view the world today?

How will you resound?

I made a few new discoveries this year! Two websites stick out in my mind:

Pinterest - Yes, I have a slight obsession with all the great ideas on Pinterest! I have actually tried quite a few pinterest ideas. I have tried numerous recipe ideas and have implemented a few fun ideas for Malachi! I have so many great ideas that I just need a little bit of time to implement more!

Crowdtap - This has been the easiest of all of my survey type sites to toy around on! I have made over $80 in the 6 months I have been on there, and I have earned that money in super easy ways - just answering really simple multiple choice questions. I have also been given a $90 jacket from Old Navy through Crowdtap. So it has been very fun and very beneficial!

A few new product discoveries this year:

Downy Unstoppables - I love these things. I got to first try them through another one of my survey sites as a sample. I expected a typical sample size, but instead they sent me an entire container and I am hooked! They offer no real benefit to cleaning your laundry but you pour a few into the laundry when you wash it and it makes everything smell SUPER good! I love having fresh smelling towels!!! Unfortunately they are pretty expensive for not really doing anything to help with the laundry so I hope some really good coupon deals come out so I can keep buying them :)

The Tangle Teezer - By far the best thing we have ever bought for Malachi's hair! Figuring out how to take good care of his hair has been a bit of a challenge. We are still messing around with different hair products but the one piece of the hair bucket that will always have a place is the tangle teezer. It is an awesome brush that doesn't hurt his head while using it. I don't know how it works, but I love that thing!!!