Monday, December 26, 2011


Who do you love unconditionally? Who loves you unconditionally? Who do you love despite their flaws? All is love.

In the short time I have been a mother, I have learned something incredibly valuable from my children. I have learned what unconditional love is. There is nothing that my children could do or say to make it possible for me to stop loving them. I think there are very few relationships we have on this earth that truly hold unconditional love. Even the deep love I have for my husband, has conditions to it. Our love for one another could be broken if those conditions are not met or a commitment is broken.

With my children I can't imagine a single thing they could do to make me stop loving them. They could steal, hurt, murder and I would still love them even if I had extreme disappointment in their actions. Of course I could never imagine one of my little angels doing anything like that, but they will disappoint me from time to time and that will not affect my love for them one little bit!

Having children has given me a completely new understanding of how God's love for us works. I can understand it now! We are His children and there is nothing we can do to make him stop loving us. I never got that before. I never understood how he could love me enough to let His pride and joy die for me. I continually disappoint Him, but He still loves! That does not mean, He is never disappointed in the things I do or that there are not consequences for my actions - but He loves me just the same. It is pretty incredible to think about, and amazing how much I have learned about my own salvation through my little ones.