Thursday, December 22, 2011

Identify the Problem

Identify the problem. That is, when you’re annoyed, angered, or frustrated, ask yourself, “What exactly is the problem here?”

Today, take a few minutes to ponder that one little, nagging issue that, if solved or eliminated, would make your life better. Perhaps, getting up five minutes earlier would make your life easier. Maybe smiling at that one coworker that drives you crazy would ease the tension. What small change in your life would or could make a big difference?

How will you resound?

Lately I have been in a huge cleaning fit! I am very satisfied to say that I am doing a pretty good job of staying right on top of the housework. For being 5 1/2 months pregnant and having a 20 month old and 10 month old - that is pretty darn good!!! My biggest issue though, is that these children make a mess just as fast as I can clean it. I want Peter to walk in the door at night and be able to see all that I have accomplished in his absence. Unfortunately, I don't think he can usually see the difference.

The problem is, I vacuum the living room, mop the floors, dust the surfaces, wash the windows - but right behind me comes this tornado! Snack crumbs in the carpet, mashed banana on the hardwood floors, fingerprints on every surface. It feels like I am fighting the impossible battle. So, do I just go with it and embrace the fact that it is impossible to keep the house clean with 2 baby boys? I kind of feel like that is my only option. My children will make messes and it is okay. My children will make messes and it is okay - repeat, repeat, repeat.