Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Best Gift

The holiday season is typically a time we focus on others, sometimes at the expense of ourselves. I can get so caught up in the expectations of the season that I have a hard time remembering to enjoy the peace and wonder of the season. I can forget to take time to care for myself. So lets look back on how we cared for ourselves. Maybe we'll inspire each other to take a few minutes for ourselves today.

What was the best gift you gave yourself this year? Did you buy big, fluffy towels? Did you have a massage on a day when you really needed it? Did you forgive someone and give yourself the freedom from that grudge?

The best gift I gave myself this year was my baby boy! Seriously, what could be better than that!

Another gift I gave myself, is the freedom to get away with just my husband. I sometimes feel this mommy guilt about leaving my boys for a couple days. I really had a hard time leaving them when we got away to Disneyland, but just because I became a mommy, does not mean I am not a wife first. My boys are perfectly happy the two times we have left them, in fact I think they have more fun when we are gone! It has been so important to get away and spend focused time on just being a married couple! With two very young children, we can spend an entire day so wrapped up in meeting their needs that we hardly even talk at all to each other until the boys get to bed. I want to make a point of getting away once or twice a year with just my husband so we can continue to grow and develop our relationship and give it the care it needs!