Monday, December 24, 2012

On the First Day of Christmas

Get ready for some Christmas photo overload these next few days :)  

Yesterday (Christmas Eve, Eve) we celebrated Christmas with Peter's family.  It was certainly all about the kids and I am loving the age of the boys this Christmas!  Kids certainly make it fun!

Sabrina all ready for her very first Christmas!  

                                             And this is the reality of posing your kids:

                                                   Mr E all ready to open some presents!

                                                               Let the opening begin!


                                                                 An exciting big present!

                                                               Sweet, it's a big (empty) box!

The "oh my goodness" photo!

Checking it out! 


                                                          Hours of entertainment already!

                                                       Baby Bina is happy with some ribbon!


                                                                      Lefsa Time!

What a fun (and can we add exhausting) first day of Christmas 2012! We are resting up this morning and playing with the new toys before round 2 in a few hours!  For sure, more to come!