Tuesday, December 18, 2012

8 Months

Oh my goodness, my precious little angel is now 8 whole months old!!!  

As you can see from her picture above, she is now right at about 16 pounds!  Still sitting in the 10-25% range!  She's still my itty bitty baby and I love it because even if she is growing older, I feel like I still get to baby her just a little bit longer.  Side note:  Malachi, when he came home at 3 months of age was over 18 pounds, so she still probably has a couple months before she will even surpass that!  For some reason, that fascinates me.  Love my babies and all their differences!

She is still wearing size 2 diapers, although I'm not going to buy anymore of them so she will be moving up to size 3 very soon.  She still has a few 3-6 month outfits that fit but we have mostly moved up to 6-9 month size for her!

This month she has gotten better at crawling.  She is a fast little army crawler and is starting to figure out how to get up on her knees!  She has discovered the Christmas tree and loves to tug on the lights.  3rd year in a row of a baby tugging on my Christmas tree - love that :)  She is also really getting in to toys and jumping and all that fun stuff for this age!  She is still very clingy to her mommy, and I really enjoy that about 90% of the time ;)

She has also learned how to clap this month and is also figuring out how to wave!

We have got on a really great schedule with her this month.  Something just clicked for our family this month and I finally feel really settled into life with 3 kids!  The kids regularly sleep until 8:00 in the morning (although today started at 5:30!)  We've also cut Sabrina down to 1 nap per day so she takes her nap with the boys which is GLORIOUS!  They all go down at noon and sleep 2-3 hours!  Then they all 3 go down between 7-7:30 at night.  This schedule has been great, even though it is sometimes hard to get dinner cooked because Miss Bina is quite clingy in the evening hours.

Sabrina is really enjoying real food.  She still eats some purees, but more and more she wants what mommy has.  She usually eats Cream of Wheat or Oatmeal for breakfast with her brothers.  She also got a hold of a PBJ sandwich courtesy of her brothers last week, so guess we've tested that Peanut Butter out already!  She loves crackers and eggs, and noodles and pretty much anything I will let her try!  She usually gets purees or yogurt about 3 times a day and is also taking 3 (sometimes 4) 6 ounce bottles per day.  Sometimes I feel like I have to force those bottles down her though because she would much rather have people food and could probably wean pretty easily at this point if I wanted her to.  Not yet little lady!

Oh, I can not say enough about you precious baby Bina!  You make my heart so happy!  You are beautiful and happy inside and out!  You just light up our world little one!  We love you so very much!