Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Asking Others

December 5th: Interview 3 people about their favorite moments of the year. Share what you heard.

I kind of cheated on this one and asked more people than 3, but it is my blog so I can do what I want :)

I have a wonderful group of friends and we call ourselves the "Mardi Gras Mom's".  We all "met" a few years back early in our pregnancies with lil Mardi Gras babies (all due in early March, around Mardi Gras).  Now our little babies are growing up into 2 year old's before our very eyes.  Now, I know that "internet friends" may be a weird concept to many but I have many internet only friends - friends that I met through our adoption agency, blog friends who I met way back years ago when we were all planning our weddings, and this wonderful group of ladies.  We talk several times a day and offer each other advice.  We've walked through a lot of very challenging things together, and well, we're bonded even if we've only met through our computer screens.  

So, after that long explanation here are a few answers I got by asking my MG mama's!

HS: "
when my husband agreed to get snipped lol! ok im jk, i would say when i completed my first half marathon, finding out i was pregnant with baby 4 the day after completing my first 24 hr walk for my aunt who died of cancer, completing my 500 mile challenge, dh's team winning their 3rd consecutive championship..... oh so many. My son's first basketball basket, daughters first swim meet... 

HR: Hearing my last child call O, Oweee! Its the sweetest sound. They ALL called him Oweee, never failed.

KL:  Um... J learning to ride his bike without training wheels. My surprise +HPT and birth of P. D agreeing we could stay in N crammed into our townhouse for one more year for my sanity. H's butt scoot crawl. Thought of another... Ds reaction when I told him I was preggo. 

LY: The day I put in my notice at work to stay home full time!

CB: So many for me too.... B's first birthday, finding out I was pregnant, T graduating high school, T getting pulled up to varsity football and getting his driving permit, D dominating on his football team.

MS: The day we found out K's open heart surgery was a success, had healed correctly and she wasn't going to have on going issues.

And for good measure, my husband also wanted to be included and his was the birth of our sweet daughter of course :)